Surprise your guests! Unusual taste mixes - Gourmets will appreciate.

Are you surprised, like, for example, pregnant women manage to combine the incompatible, eating something sweet and biting it with something salty? Very simple! After all, people consume food not only for the sake of satisfying hunger, but also for obtaining gastronomic pleasure.

When products that are repeated every day get bored, you have to look for ways to please yourself with something special. We will help to overcome your bewilderment.

We present you the most unusual flavor combinations that are known even to famous chefs.

Coffee with salt

Many people do not like sweet coffee and prefer to start the morning exclusively with pure espresso. To better feel the unforgettable taste of the drink, try adding a small pinch of salt to the cup. Are you surprised? In fact, this trick is nothing special.During cooking, it is customary to pickle meat, vegetables and other products in order to make the dishes richer. In the case of coffee, the result will be the same, unless you, of course, pour a half-kilogram of salt into the cup.

Strawberries and Tomatoes

It is terrible to imagine what can happen from the combination of a sweet berry with tomatoes. Nevertheless, expensive restaurants often use this method to give food a special taste. Professional chefs know that food has something in common. Both strawberries and tomatoes contain a substance called furaneol in the composition, so dishes based on them are simply delicious.

Chocolate and chili

The sharpness of red pepper allows you to use a vegetable product as a seasoning for various dishes. In the southern part of the United States, almost no meal is complete without chili. Locals use fire fruits for cooking side dishes, salads and even confectionery. One of the most popular combinations is chilli and black chocolate. The saturated taste of cocoa helps to shade the pepper's sharpness and to emphasize its sugary nature.

Potatoes and Nutmeg

The beauty of the potato is that it can be combined with almost any product. Vegetable is served with meat, gravy and other plant foods, but the most successful companion for him is nutmeg. This combination makes the taste of potatoes more sweet and rich, gives the dish a special "flavor".

Bananas and Breadcrumbs

Fresh tropical fruit is perfect for a quick snack. If you want to surprise guests with an unusual dessert, it is better to try. Bananas added to ice cream or pancakes are outdated platitudes. There is a more original way of cooking fruit. Fruits are cut into pieces and roll in breadcrumbs. The resulting fruit nuggets are fried in butter (sunflower is excluded!). By the way, fried bananas can be successfully added to cold desserts or served with chocolate mousse, writes

Fruit and black pepper

How do you eat fruit salads? Surely season the dish with yogurt. In the Arab countries, sweet fruits are usually consumed in a somewhat non-standard way. Fruits are plentifully seasoned with ground black pepper and only then served at the table.Best of all seasoning goes well with apples, watermelon, kiwi and pineapple. As an experiment, you can try to mix peppers with another fruit platter.

White chocolate and black caviar

This combination seems to be a perversion, but in many restaurants it is considered a delicacy. For example, in France, black caviar on thin leaves of white chocolate is served exclusively in expensive and status establishments. Repeat the idea of ​​chefs can easily and at home. Try it!

Coffee and garlic

Earlier in the article was presented a unique combination based on coffee and chocolate. Now we offer you an even more unusual flavor combination. For a special gourmet coined a recipe based on coffee and garlic. You do not have to worry about the unpleasant aftertaste in your mouth after consuming the drink - garlic is added to the liquid in a cooked form. We recommend to beat it in a puree with the help of a blender, only then start to mix with coffee.

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