Tasty summer salad with vegetables

Summer certainly pleases with an abundance of fruits and vegetables. At this wonderful time, the most healthy meal is a summer salad made from vegetables or fruits. Vegetable salads are delicious, easy and healthy sources of health, energy and vitality. Cooking summer salads inspires a display of fantasy and culinary experiments. After all, thanks to a variety of seasonings and dressings, you can change the same salad.

Fresh andlight summer saladsYou can cook by combining a variety of products. Here you can mix walnuts and salmon, mozzarella and seafood, orange and cabbage, apples and mushrooms, sweet strawberries and bell peppers, grapes and molded cheese, etc.

If you are an adherent of proper nutrition and dream of losing unwanted pounds, then be sure to prepare a summer salad with cabbage. To prepare this vitamin dish, you need to chop cabbage, cut slices of celery cherry, cut apples into straws and pour lemon juice.Cabbage lightly mash your hands and combine with the rest of the components, sprinkle with chopped dill, salt and season with vegetable oil. By combining incompatible products at first glance, you can create new original flavors. Real gourmets will certainly enjoy the summer salad with vegetables and salmon. To make it, you need to ceiling walnuts, cut into small cubes of salted salmon. Stir fish and nuts. Chop the fresh radishes into small pieces and tear the green leaves of lettuce with your hands, add the dill. To fill this dish you need to mix in a bowl sea buckthorn oil, lemon juice, black pepper and salt and beat with a fork. Put greens with radish on a dish, sprinkle with dressing, then carefully place the nuts with fish and pour over the dressing again. Salads with vegetables and seafood are easily digested, they are low in calories. Therefore, they can be eaten without fear of those who adhere to a diet. Among other things, seafood is a real pantry of minerals, nutrients and vitamins. To make a delicious summer salad, cut fresh cucumber, cut the cherry tomatoes in half, tear the lettuce leaves with your hands. With canned mussels, merge the brine and add to the salad.Salt salted and seasoned with dressing made from vegetable oil, lemon juice and Tobasco chili sauce. Put shrimps on top of salad and garnish with greens. To make light summer salads you can mix any vegetables, greens, add boiled chicken or seafood. It is advisable to use fresh vegetables.

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