The craftswoman took the curlers and the rope and made a charming thing out of them.

Turning curlers into charming dolls is easy and simple. Flexible hairpins are perfectly modeled, and hence the toy will be functional. Homemade dolls can become not only the favorites of children's games, but also a stylish element of decor. Time to work will take a bit.

To work on one doll you will need:

  • soft curlers - 2 pieces;
  • rope or twine;
  • cocktail tube;
  • scraps for clothes (ideally, the material should not crumble);
  • a bit of monochromatic knitted fabric or an unnecessary sock of a solid or color close to it;
  • beads for the eyes.

Combining 2 papillotki, wrap them in the middle of strong threads.

It remains to bend the upper parts, and the torso is ready.

Create the first item of clothing - panties. Fix them with glue or thread.

We form the head of a sock or a piece of knitted fabric.We use as a connecting element a cocktail tube.

For structural strength, we make several turns of twine through the arms and neck.

We form the face and attach hair to the head: the options here can be different.

Do not forget about cosmetics.

It remains to hide the ends of the curlers, hand palms, and feet feet. For this you need to carve out 4 identical parts. Sew them in pairs (not to the end), turn out and fill with filler.

It remains to attach the limbs and put them on the glue.

If the curlers with stubs, then it will be more convenient.

Cover the joints easily with clothing. Perfect for this hair tie, they can be used as socks.

Our doll is ready. It remains only to come up with clothes.

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