The Legend of One River

Well-illustrated and interesting books are bought by parents to their little ones. Reading bedtime stories the child is looking forward to every day. The fairy tale carries to the unknown reaches, tells about the past events, introduces entertaining characters, teaches good and how to defeat evil. But the fairy tale, a legend coined with parents, is a double celebration. After all, in the creation of the legend, the child invests his little everyday experience, draws conclusions, empowers characters with boldness, kindness, wisdom and beauty. A fairy tale, a legend embodied in the real book made by the hands of the mother, will allow the child to take pride in working together with parents. He will carefully leaf through the pages of the book, over the creation of which is not one evening. Such a book will be a good gift for a friend's birthday. Try to make a book "The Legend of One River", which will dip your baby into a mythical past. Step-by-step instruction will help you to quickly cope with the task and to show publishing creativity. folder
To work, we need a folder, a lot of beads, shells, a skein of yarn, glue, scissors, marine cloth, files, sprigs of dried plants, paper, penny coins. In a word, everything connected with the theme of the sea, the river.
 wrapping the folder
Cloth with marine motifs wrapping the folder from all sides. Fix it with glue or thread.
 we drape a little
We drape a little fabric, imitating a river wave.

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