The most unpretentious flowers for the balcony blooming all summer

Making a balcony or a loggia in an apartment with flowers is a great opportunity to make a beautiful green corner for relaxing in the city. Here you can also put a small wooden table with chairs and enjoy evening tea and sunset. Not all garden flowers can grow on the balcony.

In this article you will learn what is best to grow flowers on the balcony in boxes.

1. Marigolds

Heat-loving yellow heads of marigolds are an integral feature of summer containers, garden flowerpots and balcony boxes. They are easy to grow from seed or purchase seedlings, they are unpretentious, bloom from early summer until frost. Removal of faded inflorescences prolongs flowering.

In addition, if you think which flowers to plant on the sunny side, then these are marigolds. They love sunny places. The only thing in drought needs to be watered regularly, not overdry the soil.

The most popular varieties of marigolds are rejected hybrids.The varieties are bushy, in this case you will need only a couple - three plants for the balcony box. So that these yellow flowers on the balcony look beautiful, choose low 15 - 30 cm views. Terry or semi-double inflorescences with a diameter of up to 5 cm are perfect for a balcony box.

2. Calendula, marigold

Undemanding soil flower. These are flowers for a balcony the sunny side or light penumbra. It is completely unpretentious, may be affected by powdery mildew and aphids. Refers to plants that bloom all summer. Flowering time from June to September. For long flowering need to remove flowering inflorescences.

The initial form is Calendula officinalis, for the balconies and loggias you need to choose a low-growing variety Fiesta Gitana - 30 cm, which have different colors. It is very easy to grow at home from seed. For early flowering calendula seedlings can be planted in the second half of February.

When creating an unusual balcony design, calendula is best planted along with other flowers - pansies, bulbous (daffodils, tulips), ampelous petunias, decorative cabbage, decorative and spicy herbs.

3. Nasturtium

Annual nasturtiums are flowers for the southern balcony. Blossoms from July to September. Sow seeds immediately to a permanent place. These flowers for balconies unpretentious, grow from the seeds almost always. A unique garden plant, flowers of different varieties are completely different from each other:

- there are creepers for draping walls, that is, you can pick up varieties and grow curly flowers for the balcony;

- ampelous flowers for the balcony and window boxes - nasturtium foreign peregrinum, the length of the vines reaches 3 m;

- bushy dwarf varieties for flower beds.

foreign nasturtium

nasturtium curly

4. Petunia

The most popular flowers in growing on the balcony in boxes are petunias. Thanks to a variety of colors, long flowering, variety of varieties and types, they create a unique design on the balcony.

What flowers to plant on the balcony of petunias:

- ampelous varieties of petunias are planted in large garden vases or hanging pots for balconies, loggias and summer terraces (these varieties should be sown on seedlings before bush - in the beginning - middle of February);

- Clusters of many-flowered species.

Beware of purchasing single-stemmed flower seeds, they are completely unsuitable for balconies and loggias. In this case, 1 stalk will grow with a pot with several flowers on top

The scheme of landing of petunias in a balcony box is 15 by 15 cm. Perhaps a single-row and two-row landing of petunias in a box on the balcony.

How to create flowers on the balcony design:

- in single-row planting plant 3 pink and 2 purple petunias, alternating them in color;

- for a two-row planting in a box, erect flowers in the background, and ampel varieties on the front.

5. Pelargonium

Most often Pelargonium is called geranium, which is grown in pots, like a houseplant. Pelargonium is one of the unpretentious plants in the care, it grows quickly, blooms well and abundantly. By the way, with proper care, pelargonium can bloom all year round. It has a pleasant spicy aroma, which does not emit flowers, but leaves. The perfect plant for a balcony in a warm period of time.

In addition, with pelargonium, you can create wonderful floral arrangements, complementing them with other colors. Here is one of the schemes that plant on the balcony of flowers:

pelargonium white and red;






what to plant on the balcony of flowers

6. Nemesia

The flowers of nemesia are one-, two- and three-colored. It blooms early, in hot summer flowering may be short. Possible second wave of flowering, closer to the fall.To do this, cut the stems after the first wave of flowering. If you want to achieve autumn flowering, then plant seeds of nemesia for seedlings in early June, then your balcony will look great in November.

The seeds of nemesia are small, so you need to sow on top, not sprinkling with earth. Then it is good to spray with water and cover with glass. As fogging up, the glass should be opened, after the appearance of green shoots removed.

When transplanting in flowerpots and pots, keep a distance of 20 cm between the flowers. When planting flowers, the stems are pinched.

The decoration of the balcony with nemesia flowers is very delicate, due to the fact that the flowers are small, low, about 20 cm and bushy.

7. Undersized varieties of snapdragon

Usually the snapdragon is grown in the garden, but if you take the shortest variety Rainbow, you can grow flowers of various colors and shades. Of the pluses, it is worth noting the smell of lion's pharynx, it exudes such a fragrance! And you need for this all 5 - 6 bushes.

In autumn, when frosts come, this plant freezes, the flowers do not change color and it looks great. Flowers, as live stand all winter.Therefore, if you choose what flowers you can plant on the balcony, be sure to make your list of dwarf snapdragon varieties. They bloom in the second half of summer, from July to October.

Magic Monster Dwarf Maw Dwarf

8. Begonia is an ever-flowering and begonia tuber.

Both types of begonias can be grown in containers and these are flowers for the balcony of the north side, they grow well in partial shade. They have rounded fleshy leaves with a color ranging from pale green to chocolate brown. It blooms from June to September. It is considered perennial, but more often this plant is grown as an annual. It grows well on humus-rich soil and in partial shade. Therefore, when planting you need to make compost.

9. Ampel fuchsia

There are 3 main groups of fuchsias. What flowers are better to plant on the balcony? So this is a gentle heat-loving ampelous fuchsia with weak falling stems in hanging baskets. The name of an ampel variety fuchsia is Swingtime. Stems grow to 50 cm with red - white flowers.

Fuchsias are excellent flowering flowers for the northern balcony. They need a small amount of light for flowering and growth. Be sure to regularly and abundantly watered. Make sure that the earth com does not dry out.After a drought, fuchsia will die and will not recover.

flowers for the north balcony

10. Pansies or Vitrok Violet

There are many hybrids of Vitrok violet with a height of 15 - 25 cm. These flowers are on two types of loggias:

- Winter-flowering (in November - May) varieties that grow as a biennial, dominated by the Universal series;

- letnetsvetuschie (June - October), which are grown as annuals.

Viola can be grown on the balcony, but you need to plant in a place with the right lighting. Best of all is the sunny side with a shadow at midday hours. On the southern balcony, it will quickly lose its decoration. Already in July, it will burn out, and will look dried and unattractive.

Viola must be regularly watered, so that the land is moist, but without stagnation of moisture. Also, if you want to grow flowers on the balcony, then you need to feed them.

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