The most unusual wedding rings for newlyweds

Wedding rings - a symbol of loyalty and love. Many people choose the most simple and modest models, but the design may be more interesting. And some rings look unusual and even strange.

Original design ideas

If you are not satisfied with the usual and barely noticeable thin rings, pay attention to the more interesting design options:

  1. Interesting and bright look wide rings, and their width can reach 1 centimeter or more.
  2. You can buy stylish rings from two different metals, for example, white and yellow gold, silver and gold, and so on. The metals of cold and warm tones, for example, gold and silver, metallic and bronze, are especially harmoniously combined.
  3. Want to distinguish yourself and perpetuate your love? Then be sure to order rings with engraving. And you should not choose any quotes or popular phrases, it is better to come up with something unique, meaningful for the couple.
  4. Honor the traditions? Then you can buy Slavic rings with various thematic patterns and symbols. The most popular among newlyweds is the Svadebnik ring.This symbol is a tandem of four interconnected and fastened rings connected in pairs and depicting open eights. And the eight, as is known, are a symbol of infinity, so that the feelings of lovers will be eternal.
  5. Another unusual option - carved rings. They can be made in the form of a certain framework in which forged or carved patterns are enclosed. But patterns can also be free, it looks more delicate and original.
  6. You can purchase a ring with a surprise. It may look like the most ordinary and even modest engagement ring, but on the reverse side there will be some kind of surprise - convex engraving in the form of a pattern or lettering. And even if you remove this accessory, there will be a mark on your finger - a dent, having the shape of a pattern. Unusual, isn't it?
  7. The ring is decorated with stones. And if everyone has become accustomed to cubic zirconias and white diamonds, the stones of more interesting and bright colors attract attention and look unusual. So, you can use emeralds, topaz, yellow diamonds. But if the gems you can not afford, it is quite suitable and will look even more unusually semi-precious.

The most unusual options

Creative people approach creatively to everything, including the choice of wedding rings. And some of them are just amazing.

Here are the most unusual wedding rings:

  • Ring "Distektikonov." If you watched the cult film "Transformers", then you will understand what is being said.
  • "Will you be my second player?" This accessory looks usually and even trite, but the way it was presented deserves attention. In a simple box was placed two rings. Under one was the inscription "The first player is ready", and under the other - "The second player is preparing for the start." Also included was a note with the message “Will you be my second player?”.
  • "The Legend of Zelda". This accessory will surely be appreciated by gamers who are familiar with the video game of the same name.
  • Ring in the form of a game die, a decadent.
  • “Portals” is a pair of accessories. One ring is a ring with an elongated red portal circle and a part of a heart enclosed within it. The other looks almost the same, but the portal is painted in blue.
  • "Tardis" looks well, very unusual. After all, the TARDIS is a spacecraft and at the same time Doctor Who’s time machine from the same series.
  • "Lightsaber" is suitable for fans of "Star Wars".
  • Star Trek. This is an interesting ring with a star path imitation with an asterisk-stone.
  • "Green Lantern". Almost nothing unusual. Just a pretty massive ring with a green stone.
  • "DNA". Genetics and doctors will definitely appreciate the bright design.
  • “Microchip” is an ideal option for those who are familiar with microchips and other small details of electronic devices.
  • “Indiana Jones” is a great idea for adventure lovers.
  • "Playstation". The owners of the console will understand and appreciate.
  • "Smile" - the usual ring with a funny smiley.
  • “Hello Kitty” is bright and cute.
  • CAT5 - a ring connector and a ring-cable.
  • A pair of rings with the words "I love you" and "I know."
  • "Lego." Do you like to collect a designer? Then this option is just for you.
  • Rings "Chemistry" with inscriptions in the form of elements of the periodic table.
  • "USB". Ring with a ring in the form of a memory card and an input.
  • The Möbius ring. It looks like the famous Mobius loop.
  • Superman Ring.
  • "Star Gates".
  • "Space Invaders."
  • "The One Ring". With him, you will definitely become the real ruler of the rings.

Rings of stars

Celebrities also have bright, expensive and unusual rings.Here are the most interesting:

  • Ring Angelina Jolie did a whole year. It is decorated with a top quality diamond cut from emeralds.
  • Ann Hathaway's ring is a real masterpiece of jewelry art, made of platinum and decorated with a six-ruble diamond.
  • Ring of Kate Middleton is a stunning ring with a huge blue sapphire, surrounded by diamonds.
  • Ring Kim Kardashian gave her ex-husband Chris Humphreys. In its center is a huge diamond, surrounded by two small ones.
  • Wladimir Klitschko presented his lover Hayden Panettiere with a smart ring-puck studded with diamonds.
  • Kelly Osborn decided to order an engagement ring in the form of one of her father's favorite earrings.

These were the brightest and most unusual rings.

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