The needlewoman easily and simply makes a large mosaic carpet for the house

A soft large carpet with a beautiful pattern in the living room is an indispensable part of the interior. With him in the room is cozy and warm, besides, he muffles the sounds. However, to buy a large carpet will have to lay out a round sum of money, but this is only part of the problem. You need to find a picture that fits perfectly into your interior.

We offer you a solution to both problems and describe in detail how to make a wonderful carpet for your individual design with your own hands at a small cost.

First you need to go shopping where you sell carpeting and buy (or get a free sample as a sample) square and rectangular pieces of different colors.

When you come home, lay out the pieces on the floor and find the most suitable design for your room.

When the carpet pattern is selected, prepare a masking tape for carpet.

Before gluing, read the instructions for using the tape. Cut the tape into separate strips so that everything is ready to work.

Now you can connect the squares. When they are glued together, you will not even notice the connection lines under the pile of the carpet.

In the empty spaces between the rectangles can be enclosed segments of bright colors to emphasize. With them your carpet will get a complete and perfect look. Bright accents can be combined in color with pillows on the couch or curtains on the windows.

Finally, in order to lay the carpet tightly on the floor, spread several rubber sheets with anti-slip effect under it.

So, the carpet, made according to your individual design is ready.

Bonus video: One of the projects for the manufacture of a large carpet of dense carpet.

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