The rules of the organization of hiking

Learn the mapsobjects of interest, tourist guides, Internet portals. If possible, contact the nearest tourist club, where tell us a rough plan for your trip. They will recommend you how to optimize your journey and give other valuable advice. Feel free to ask questions.

Specifyfor all available sources, is there any suitable water source for drinking, cooking and washing? If your path lies near the settlements, then you can use the sources of collective use (columns, wells). If there are no settlements nearby, then be sure to make sure that there are streams, rivers, lakes and springs in the intended place. Mark them all on one of the cards. Using water from open reservoirs, strictly follow the rules of water disinfection. Never drink raw water from unverified sources.

Check outWhether campfires are allowed at scheduled stops.Adjust the parking plan. If the use of open fire is prohibited on the way of the whole journey, then take along a tourist primus stove.

See weather forecast. Long and warm summer days are the most suitable time for hiking. But this does not mean that in summer you do not need to take hiking boots and warm clothes. Pick up and prepare hiking gear and clothing according to the season. Do not forget to stock up on protection from mosquitoes and ticks.

The planned campaign should be simple in terms of organization, cheap in terms of material support and interesting in content. Think about what you will do in the campaign.

Correctlypick up equipmentandease the backpack. The backpack needs to be collected at least in 2-3 days. Make a list of what you need in advance. When compiling a list of things and calculating food, always keep in mind that all this will have to be carried on your own shoulders.

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