The shooting of the TV series “Not Together” with Arthur Smolyaninov began

Go with the flow or take a risk? Leave or stay? The premiere of the story of what the wrong choice leads to is scheduled for autumn 2016. Natalia Shvets, Anton Vasilyev, Olga Tumaykina and Arthur Smolyaninov are starring.
Arthur Smolyaninov
Photo: frame from the movie “My boyfriend is an angel”

Domashny TV channel announced the start of filming a new project - the TV series “Not Together”. The plot of the 20-series melodrama is based on the history of the relationship of two couples.

Glory recognized wife in treason. Recovering from shock, she realizes that life does not end there. Inspired by new perspectives, the girl makes plans for the future and even opens the “Brave Girl” club with her friend. At this time, her old acquaintances appear on the horizon - Kirill's first love, Nikita who is not indifferent to her ... However, in the series of successive events, Zhenya is becoming more and more entangled with each passing day and realizes that she missed the most important thing.Other heroes also fail to form a “life puzzle”: Slava, not accustomed to the status of “loner”, does not lose hope of returning his wife, and their 14-year-old daughter Vika falls in love with a high school student and tries to please him with all her strength.

Photo: Domashny TV Channel

“There are no good or bad characters in our story. Each of them is going through a deep personal drama, trying to find the guilty ones in it and to cope with the circumstances, ”says director Vardan Hakobyan. - The same thing happens in life: someone takes the path of least resistance, others try to fight to the last. In addition, each person wants one thing - to love and be loved. It's just that everyone has their own path to happiness. ”

The shooting of the series will continue until September, and viewers of the “Home” will be able to see it already in the new TV season.

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