This simple product will make your balcony the most attractive at the entrance!

In the summer season I want to grow vegetables, flowers in the garden. Those who do not have a dacha, also can not deny themselves such a pleasure, and arrange a mini-garden right in the city apartment - on the balcony, loggia.

You will need tools that are in every home:

  • wooden pallet;
  • mount;
  • hammer and nails;
  • stapler (or small carnations);
  • paint;
  • polyethylene film.

What to do:

Using the pry bar, remove the 2 crossbars from the top side of the pallet (the second one from both sides).

Turn the pan over and nail the rails to the base.

The resulting niches can be painted with any paint. Black paint will look the most stylish, since you can write the names of plants on it or draw something.

Place the pallet vertically. The resulting niches should be at the top, they will grow our plants.

Attach the black polyethylene film with a stapler or ordinary small studs.

Put the gravel on the bottom of the boxes.

Fill with earth ...

And land your favorite plants.

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