Piggy bank from a tin can

Moneybox for coins is a useful and very interesting thing in the household. Of course, the piggy bank can be purchased at the store, but it will be much cheaper to make it yourself - after all, all the necessary materials for its manufacture are literally at your fingertips. And the process of creating a piggy bank will please you very much. So, what materials are needed to make a coin box for coins? A high tin can (preferably from a fruit, not from a pickled fish) sunset lid, colored paper and PVA glue.
Piggy bank of canning banks
Tools are also needed - a knife and a machine for twisting cans.
Piggy Bank of a Tin Can
To begin with, we take the sealing lid and make a hole (narrow slot) in its center with a knife. To make the hole strictly in the center of the lid, you must first measure the distance to it with a ruler.Although you can do without measurements, cutting the slit "by eye".
 Piggy from tin can
Turn the lid on and get rid of the gum running along its perimeter. The fact is that it is impossible to put a cover with a rubber band on a tin can, since the diameter of the latter is several millimeters larger than the diameter of the cover.
Piggy bank from a can
After the gum is removed, the sealing lid is put on the can without problems. But the trouble is: the lid is easily removed. And, as you know, the contents of the piggy bank should not be easily extracted. Therefore, the tin can be rolled up by means of a machine for twisting cans. Do not overdo it with a twist, because from excessive efforts the lid will be arched and you will have to start all over again.
 Piggy bank from a tin can
Now the piggy bank is ready, but it’s not an aesthetic look can. Therefore, it should be decorated with colored paper. A sheet of paper is cut along, so that its height corresponds to the height of the piggy bank.Then the ends of the sheet are fastened with PVA glue.
 Piggy bank from a tin can
A can from a tin can contain more than one hundred coins. To extract money from a piggy bank, remove the lid from it with a regular opener. And if after that you again roll up the tin can, the piggy bank will again be suitable for use.

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