Tip 2: How to grow kiwi at home

If you want to see in your greenhouse not only ornamental houseplants, but also exotic ones, which also bear fruit, then try to grow kiwi at home, especially since it belongs to unpretentious plants.
How to grow kiwi at home

Another name for kiwi is Chinese gooseberry. Kiwi is a fruiting vine. To get the seeds, you must choose a ripe fruit of kiwi, which has no visible damage to the fruit and peel. Cut the kiwi into several parts and gently knead the pulp, removing the main part. The remaining pulp with seeds to shift into a glass and pour water. Rinse several times to leave some seeds. The less the pulp remains, the better, it will protect the seeds from putrefactive processes. Lay out carefully washed seeds on a dry napkin or gauze and allow to dry for several hours.

To germinate seeds, you must perform the following procedure: take cotton wool and put it in a plate, put kiwi seeds on cotton wool, then pour boiling water over it.Water should be moderately so that cotton wool is wet, otherwise a lack of moisture will destroy the seeds. We cover the plate with seeds with a film and set it in the warmest and lightest place. At night, open the film. About a week later, the seeds will germinate and they can already be planted in a pot.

The soil for kiwi can be taken ready - for the vines. Sprouted seeds should be planted to a depth of about 1 cm and lightly sprinkled with earth, then sprinkled with separated water at room temperature. Cover the pot with a transparent film or glass, put in a warm and sunny place. It is necessary to cover until the kiwi leaves themselves interfere. Seeds should germinate on the 7th - 10th day with proper care, which is only in sufficient watering and lighting. The weakest plants should be immediately removed and in the future it is necessary to thin out the young shoots so that they do not interfere with their wide leaves.

When the stem height is 12–13 cm, they should be transplanted into a separate pot and provide support for growth. In order to avoid too long creepers, the tip of the stem can be cut off and then the kiwi will go wide. With sufficient care and a sunny location, kiwi fruits for 3 - 4 years.

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