You will need
  • - a piece of cloth measuring 25x10 cm;
  • - stones or beads of different shape and structure;
  • - metal pendants (chains, figures);
  • - metal rings (you can take large rings from curtains) - 2 pcs .;
  • - fastener (from old beads, for example);
  • - textile sling - 13 cm;
  • - glue for fabric.
To make a textile bracelet with your own hands, fold a piece of fabric in half (face to face) and sew. This can be done manually, but it is better to use a sewing machine to make the stitches denser. Turn and iron so that the seam runs exactly along the center of the fabric.
Cut a piece of textile slings and insert it into the workpiece. This is done to make the textile bracelet more rigid and keep its shape well.
Thread the ends of the fabric in the rings and sew, and better - gash on the machine. So you hide the raw edges. Fasten the buckle to the rings so that the textile bracelet can be easily removed.
Now the most interesting part of the job.On the bracelet you need to place stones, beads, buttons, metal pendants. Before sewing accessories, lay everything on the bracelet in different combinations. Swap places. Add lace or artificial pearls.
When you decide on a pattern - attach the accessories to the bracelet. Sew what you can sew. And the stones without holes and lace glue. Your wonderful and fashionable textile bracelet is ready!
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Helpful advice
Textile bracelet can be made from a variety of fabrics. Incredibly original and beautiful are obtained from linen and silk. However, working with these materials is quite difficult and only by skilled craftswomen. Beginners better use cotton fabrics, velvet, etc.

Tip 2: How to make a bracelet from flax and pearls

This stylish textile bracelet, decorated with pearl beads and silver chains, will not leave indifferent any woman of fashion. And make it your own hands easier.
How to make a bracelet from flax and pearls
You will need
  • - linen fabric
  • - pearl beads
  • - chain
  • - thread with a needle
  • - scissors
We cut out from linen fabric one strip about 15 by 3 cm in size and two rectangles - 2 by 5 cm.At the long strip we sharpen the ends.
We take two rectangles, add them together and carefully sew in the center of a long strip. This is necessary for the bracelet to keep its shape better.
We turn over a long strip and begin to sew beads on it. In what order they sew, it depends on your imagination.
When the beads are sewn, you need to bend the raw edges of the strip inward and gently hem.
Now we take a long chain and we sheathe our bracelet with it along the edge. Then we sew small pieces of chains so that they hang freely. You need to sew more tightly so that they do not come off when you tie the bracelet on your hand. The bracelet is ready!

Tip 3: How to make a beautiful bracelet with the words Love

Every day the popularity of various bracelets with inscriptions is growing. Such a bracelet can be made at home in a couple of minutes, the main thing is fantasy.
How to make a beautiful bracelet with the inscription Love
You will need
  • Pendant with "Love"
  • -Chain
  • -6 beautiful beads
  • -Fix for bracelets
  • -Pliers
  • -Wire
All materials for the work can be bought in any sewing or gift department. Carefully, using pliers to separate the chain in those places where there will be beads.Secure a small piece of wire at the point of separation, so beads will be held.
How to make a beautiful bracelet with the inscription Love
In the center of the bracelet, inscribe the inscription "Love". You can use special rings that will mount your suspension in the middle. They can be purchased at the sewing department.
How to make a beautiful bracelet with the inscription Love
Add a clasp at the end of the bracelet. Your bracelet is ready.
How to make a beautiful bracelet with the inscription Love
Helpful advice
- Do not take beads of too large sizes, they will stay worse and look cumbersome.
- Instead of a clasp, you can use ordinary wire.

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