Tulle "Chamomile"

After repairing the room, gently green roller blinds were hung on the windows.

And yet something was missing. It was decided to knit curtains from a variety of daisies.

Materials and tools:

  1. 1. Yarn "Iris" yellow and white.
  2. 2. 2.0 mm knitting hook
  3. 3. Tolerance

Knitting description

Step 1

Gain 5 air loops.

Connect them into a ring.

Step 2

1st row: we make eight out of four air loops, i.e. from one loop we make two loops.

Step 3

2nd row: out of eight loops, we make sixteen loops

Step 4

3rd row knits without additions - sixteen loops

4th row: out of sixteen loops, we make thirty two loops.

5th row: thirty-two loops fit.

That's it, finish knitting and cut the thread.

In principle, everything, but you can make sixty-four loops, Depends on the size of the future daisy.

Step 5

Take the white thread and connect it with the inflorescence of chamomile.

A short thread - a tail, you can start around the circumference of the inflorescence and put it into knitting.

Step 6

We knit ten air loops with a white thread

We make a cape and pass the hook into the eighth loop (or the third from the hook). Knit a loop with a double crochet.

And so to the end, to the yellow circle.

Only 8 double crochet loops

Step 7

When we reach the inflorescence, we find the third loop from the junction with the white thread and connect our half-petal with the inflorescence

Step 8

Recruit nine (9) loops.

After that we connect a chain of air loops with a half of the petal. Next, knit back to the inflorescence all the loops with one double crochet. And if you count, then on the wallpaper halves to get 8 bars.

Step 9

Also through one loop connect the petal with inflorescence. Here is our first petal. When connected, an air loop is formed. We collect 9 more loops (total 10 air loops) and continue to knit, as mentioned earlier.In total, we should have 8 full-fledged petals.

Step 10

Here is such a daisy "You love - you do not love", we succeed.

Once again, I remind you that the number of loops on the eaves corresponds to the number of daisies, and they in turn determine the width of the product.

Step 11

Chamomile can starch and iron.

Step 12

We take two finished daisies and connect them from the air loop in the center of the petal. Take a separate queen of white thread, that would not cut. With her, we will combine daisies until our tulle is fully assembled.

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