Unusual windows. Decor

Windows occupy the central part of the room. Tireless designers could not ignore the opportunity to practice in the decoration of the window opening, frame, glass. The decor can fit into the overall concept of the apartment, and can look like a pleasant dissonance. Here, for example, are a few options that demonstrate how this can be done.

Stained Glass

Stained glass has nothing to do with lead bindings. Most often they are made from finished stained film. This is the most economical way. More expensive compositions are still made of glass. A skillful glass mosaic is placed between the glass unit's chambers or in front of them, which is much more practical. The fact is that the stained glass windows delight the eye until a certain point, and then comes the irresistible desire to remove them.

Virtual window

Panoramic windows are in great fashion. What if the view from the window does not please, or in a long room there is a catastrophic lack of windows? An interesting solution in this case is the simulation of the window, or, as it is also called, a fake window.The illusion of the real world behind the glass is created so that those unfamiliar with the “dummy” guests are trying to open the doors.

This effect is created by simulating a frame and a window sill. Glass "window" bears on itself a film with blossoming sakura, for example. From the inside, the window is highlighted. The landscape outside the window can be changed. Or here's another topic: instead of ceiling and wall lamps in a darkish hall and even in the hallway, some craftsmen create an imitation of a glass roof. Above it, the sky is blue, and light clouds fly, tree branches hang. The idea is good, better than the most stylish sconces and highlights.

Decorating the window opening

The same type windows and glazed loggias pushed designers to the idea of ​​decorating the window profile. Window opening decoration is performed a) for the frame and b) for glass. In the first case, it is proposed to decorate the external profile with imitation of stucco made of polyurethane. Looks very dignified. The platbands and gables seemed to raise the window, adding a bit of ancient greatness to it.

From the same area - a false cover on glass, or an imitation of an English window. The glazing beads are glued onto the glass on both sides, forming a nice looking fine binding on a regular window. Looks pretty elegant.

In conclusion, a short excursion into the window design, everyday advice: not a computer or a TV, but a window, as psychologists say, is a powerful means of relaxation. Sitting half an hour by the window, mindlessly looking out into the street, brings more benefit than the same amount of time at the screen. In this regard, it is not necessary to experiment with windows, decorating them all at once. It is better to practice not in the apartment, but at the dacha, trying to find yourself in the artist’s job as a window stained glass window or as a decorator.

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