Vase for flowers

It is always nice to do something with your own hands. And if your friends like it too, then it’s doubly pleasant. In addition, such things exist in a single copy, so they can be perfectly used as a gift. To make a wonderful vase for flowers, we will need: -glass bottle; -paint paint;
- napkin for decoration; - glue for PVA; - threads for decoration; -strasses for decoration; -water; -doubt; - aerosol autolac.
for flowers, we will need
Work steps: On a glass bottle aerosol th spray paint is applied with a thin layer. Color of paint depends on your desire or color scale on napkins. On top and bottom of the bottle a layer of paint should be slightly thicker. In these places, floral motifs will be attached later. The bottle must be clean, dry, without unnecessary stickers, pre-clean.
Applying paint on all surfaces, leave to dry (there is an instruction on the can).Meanwhile, we cut out floral motifs with a napkin.
 cut out the flower
 separating the top layer
Using PVA glue, we paste the cut flowers onto the bottle in the desired places.
 paste the cut flowers
Let us dry out so that in future work the drawings do not budge. Next proceeds to the decoration of our future vase thread. To do this, we cut off a thread about 10 centimeters from a motochka.
 cut from the hamper thread
Wetting the thread first in the water, and then in the glue, we begin gently apply it on the vase arbitrary curls. Wet thread fits well on the surface. In the process, surplus glue must be removed.
 remove excess glue
Do not worry if the curls are a little crooked.Using a toothpick, you can fix the pattern.
 you can fix the pattern
Fill the entire surface with openwork curls of thread. We allow the patterns to dry well. After we continue to decorate the vase using rhinestones, but not very thick. The vase should look gentle. The last stage is to cover the entire surface of the vase with an aerosol car spray. And the flower vase is ready.
 Flower Vase

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