Watercolor is considered a difficult technique in painting. But, knowing a special drawing algorithm, you can achieve excellent results. With the help of watercolor we will draw beautiful flowers. Accessories for drawing flowers in watercolor: - watercolor paints; - a cup with water; - brushes (2 or 3 pieces); - palette; - napkin;
- a sheet of watercolor paper. To begin with, a sheet of paper needs to be wetted with water with a brush in order to produce beautiful smudges of paint. Then choose a yellow color and put a dot on wet paper, the yellow paint should blur a little. Good for my brush or keep working with another clean brush. Take any bright color (red, blue or purple) and apply strokes in the form of flower petals around the yellow dot. Petals should also blur a little. If the paint is flowing heavily, the excess water from the brush can be removed with a napkin. In the middle of the flower, we put a small black dot. Now the flower is ready.

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