Wday tests: detox day on fresh juices

How does the advertised method of losing weight? Should I treat detox as an effective diet and what problems can you encounter on the boot bottom? The editors of Woman's Day will tell you about the sad and good experience with detox, as well as consult with your doctor about whether to experiment with your body.

I have long been peeking at multi-colored jars with fresh juice on beautiful photos in social networks and small health food markets. The freshest, with a shelf life of a couple of days, they seemed to me just a magical elixir, in every mouthful of which is youth and health. Marketers in notes and advertising articles cheered: �Stress, unhealthy diet, poor ecology are the main reasons for the accumulation of toxins in the body, which lead to various diseases and premature aging. Go through detox on our juices and get a boost of energy, well-being, beautiful skin and hair! �And I bought it.

Detox juices
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I am 27 years old, I don�t drink alcohol at all, I don�t eat meat for about two years (except fish about once every three months and boiled chicken once every six months), and I have never had a stomach problem.It seemed to me that, with such initial data, I could easily hold the day on the juices. But just in case, to prepare the body, a week before detox also excluded milk, eggs, cheese and sweets from the diet. I transferred these restrictions calmly, as I regularly consciously refuse to eat and regularly drink ordinary water all day long, about once a year. For another week I can sit on buckwheat porridge (or rice) and green tea. Then gradually I enter into the diet ordinary food. And I also have no problems. My weight is always stable - plus or minus 50 kilograms with height 165.

It was all about me that I described to the detox specialist of the company I contacted via WhatsApp (his or her number is always listed on the site). I was assigned the Start program and the next day the juice was delivered to the indicated date. There were six numbered bottles, which had to be drunk in a specific sequence every 1.5 or 2 hours.

Detox juices
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09:00.�Climb. An hour later, on the advice of a specialist, I drank a glass of water at room temperature and went to the office. I could not wait to open the first bottle.

12:00. I try the first juice under the promising title Live. The composition of the juice of cucumber, apple, spinach, celery and lemon.At first I didn't like it very much. Of all the ingredients, I only felt cucumber and spinach. But after a couple of minutes I tasted, drank it with pleasure and felt a feeling of saturation and (without exaggeration) a surge of strength! Or maybe the last fact is due to the fact that for three hours after waking up I did not eat anything at all?

13:30.�The feeling of full satiety has passed, but I have not experienced strong hunger. Although if I were offered a plate of favorite porridge, I would not refuse. And, frankly, thoughts appeared in my head to give up this business and have a full dinner: with the first and second courses. But no, I train willpower. Took a jar at number two Love and ingredients from beets, apples, carrots, lemon and ginger. I tried and immediately appreciated the taste - a little sweet and spicy. Felt all the ingredients, especially beets and ginger. I drank the juice instantly. Cheerfulness did not increase, but there was no longer wanted. Even if someone brought me food, I would refuse it. My only and very unexpected desire was a dream. Unexpected, because on ordinary days, by 2:00 pm, on the contrary, the most productive period begins for me. But nothing can be done,I continue to work and try to concentrate on the tasks in the work plan, and not on my own feelings.

15:30. My head ached. Not circling from hunger, just ached. Usually headaches don't bother me, but something strange happened. I caught myself thinking that this was due to the fact that I decided to detox on a working day, I had to do it at the weekend at home in a relaxed mode. But no longer wanted to give up. And there is, by the way, too. Just two hours passed, and I picked up the third jar of juice. It was Tonus with orange and rucola. His exhilarating taste brought me back to life and working spirit again. Even the headache is gone. Not juice, but some kind of dope! I felt neuroactive, if it were not for the work, I would have gone to the gym on a treadmill. Then I remembered that the instructions for the description of the detox program, it was stated that the experts do not prohibit physical training during detox.

Well, let's see how long my activity is enough further ...

17:30.�She felt good, took the fourth jar of Sweet juice with dried apricots, goji berries, spinach and water. True, he was not even a juice at all, but a puree. It seemed that I was eating a delicious and sweet dessert.In general, I was full and satisfied.

19:00.�What I was most afraid of began: my head was spinning, I wanted to sleep again. I practically forced myself to drink the sixth portion of juice, because I did not feel hunger or thirst. This time the jar was called Dream, and pineapple, apple and mint were included. I drank this juice not as fast as everyone else. But he gave me new strength, so I managed to finish the planned and get home. Dizziness did not pass, did not want to have dinner. It seemed that my whole body was fluid.

21:00.�Four hours before bedtime, at home I drank the last � the sixth � can of Coco juice, which I wanted to try from the very beginning, because it included my favorite foods � almonds, vanilla, coconut, dates and water. And five minutes later, I felt that he was superfluous. Nausea began, the head ached, walls floated. I barely got to the bed and instantly fell asleep. But not for long�

Detox juices
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I woke up at three in the morning with an incredible feeling of hunger and severe pain in my stomach. I barely got to the kitchen, poured myself a glass of clean water. I drank three sips and ran to the toilet.

By nine in the morning I was already drinking the second batch of activated carbon and Linex, I planned to call an ambulance, because the pain in my stomach was so strong that I seriously thought that my life was about to end. At least, I have not experienced anything like it in my 27 years.

To great happiness, by 10 am a little easier, but a strong weakness remained. I was lying on the bed and could not move my hand or foot. I had to write to the editor-in-chief that I could not come to the office.

For dinner, still got up, drank strong hot tea and ate two spoons of rice. I looked at myself in the mirror - a pale face, bruises under my eyes.

�Spend the day of detox the day before to look good on the day of an important event,� I recalled one of the slogans of the advertising campaign. It became ridiculous.

It was also gratifying that the next two days were weekends for which I was able to recover: I ate oatmeal on water and vegetable broths, drank tea and water. The stomach has ceased to hurt only by Monday. From detox remained mild weakness and unpleasant residue.

More precisely, the sediment is not from detox, but from vexation on itself. I still do not understand how I could get used to this publicity stunt.


Having studied the information about detox programs on juices on the Internet, I came to the conclusion that every day there are more and more advertisements about them. People are divided: some consider the juices to be a miracle, the second assure them of their worthlessness and harm. Only the third, who have a lot of important and useful things, do not care about all these detoxes. And you know, they are the happiest, because labor not only ennobles, but also protects from silly deeds.

This is how juices taught me life.

Detox juices
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Another opinion

Vasilisa Kakorina, beauty editor:
Vasilisa Kakorina

- For me it has never been difficult to live a whole day on ... tomato juice, for example. When all the time is painted, the most wonderful decision is to arrange unloading. 2-3 liters of tomato juice - and my body says thank you to me!

Well, naturally, when the fashion for the detox program came, I could not pass by. I chose the easiest option for myself: 7 full-fledged juices and two small ones, 100 ml each.

Detox programs call their drinks juices, but the day you drink not only liquid drinks, but also smoothies that are well saturated. Let's say my most any - berry and banana smoothies, which resemble baby puree.Still, they remember the fashionable star diet, the essence of which is to even turn the meatballs into soup and drink them - so the stomach takes less time to digest. And almond milk with vanilla and cinnamon added to make me fly. On such a detox, I sat until the evening of the second day. And I felt great. I also conducted an experiment on weekdays, but I did not feel weakness. But I also have slightly different initial data: I don�t eat only plants, I have a complete diet with periodic sins in the form of hazards.

Nevertheless, I think that anyone who wants to arrange a fasting day with the help of a detox program should consult a doctor: if you have problems, such as your stomach, or your body is weakened after an illness, you should not conduct such experiments. Everything, especially with regard to health, must be approached wisely.

Detox juices
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Doctor's opinion

�Irina Lizun, Dietitian of the K + 31 Clinic:
Irina Lizun

- It is necessary to understand that detox is a strong stress for the body, therefore, it is necessary to approach juice therapy deliberately, to choose the right program. Otherwise, detox can provoke not only pain in the stomach, but also weakness with headaches.Especially if a person has an impaired carbohydrate metabolism, there is chronic gastritis or for a long time there is no fiber in the diet (it is contained in vegetable salads). In this case, the juice from cabbage, beet, citrus, which increases the acidity of the stomach, it is better to replace the more neutral and safe - from avocado, greens, cucumber. But it is best to check the body's reaction to juices before detox by adding one cocktail per day to the menu. And in any case, such a juice therapy is desirable to carry out, knowing their chronic diseases and consulting with a doctor. Moreover, detox on juices is just one of the options for fasting days. Its advantages are the classic low protein diet containing a large amount of fresh vegetables and fruits; and minus - a gross impact on the body. So it is important to decide why you need a detox and what you want to clean the body. If you already adhere to proper nutrition and regularly eat fish, fruits and vegetables, then you should have nothing wrong with your body. You can do without juices. But if after long holidays or holidays, you have swelling and excess weight, you can choose one of the 50 unloading programs offered by modern dietetics, including detox on juices.

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