We knit a simple swimsuit

We crochet a charming white swimsuitdecorated with a flower or you can make a version without a flower. The process of knitting is simple and has a detailed description, perfect for novice needlewomen.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn (100% cotton) - 150 grams of white color, a bit of dark blue yarn with flower lurex;
  2. hook number 2.5.

Pattern Description


Before starting work, we make a full-size pattern of the parts and knit all the parts according to the pattern.

Knitting description

Main pattern:knit according to scheme 1.


Recruit 25 air. We knit the main pattern of 11 rows. Continue the series, tying the pattern along the vertical edge (25 grid cells). We send 9 more rows. We tie a cup 1 next to Art. b / n. We knit similarly to the second cup. We connect the details in the center of a chain of 5 air. p. From air loops we knit chains for side and top ties.


Knit the main pattern on the pattern of the front and rear half of the bottoms. Sew the bottom seam. The edges of the bottoms tie 1 next to Art. b / n. From air loops we knit chains for lateral strings.

We knit a blue flower yarn from the blue yarn. We sew the flower to the bodice.

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