Solder aluminum

There are situations when it is necessary to solder aluminum products. But due to the fact that the oxide film covers the surface of aluminum, the solder to it simply does not stick. Solders and fluxes specifically designed for this purpose have been developed. But we will try, will cope with this task in the old old-fashioned way. Attention! The work should be done in a well-ventilated area, preferably equipped with active ventilation or outdoors. For soldering aluminum, we need machine oil (used for lubricating sewing machines), a small piece of emery paper, rosin and ordinary solder for soldering electronic components .
soldering materials
A soldering iron is needed as powerful as possible. For example, such. Its capacity is 65 W.
soldering iron
We will solder the bottom of an aluminum beer can. Before you work, you need to level the soldering iron tip with a file (remove all the sinks) and burn.
 to clean the stingsoldering iron
 moisten with solder
With a piece of emery paper we clean the place of soldering to shine.
 strip aluminum
Pour some oil onto this place.
 We pour oil
Next, rub the oil stain with emery paper.
 rub the oil stain
This way we remove the oxide film, and the oil does not allow the formation of a new film. By this time the soldering iron should be heated to the working temperature. We dip the soldering iron tip into the rosin, we recruit as much as possible solder, dip into rosin again and start quickly rubbing the future place of soldering with a little effort. At the same time, the oil begins to fade profusely. Therefore, we do not regret rosin. If everything is done correctly, then we have a tin layer to cover the surface of aluminum.
 repeat several times
Sometimes, to achieve the desired result, you will need to repeat this several times an operation.
zaluzhenny aluminum
Copper wire is soldered to tinned aluminum very easily.
solder the copper wire

Now let's try to tin and solder aluminum wire. We remove from it isolation and we clean to shine. Pour on the tinned bottom of the cans with engine oil.
 solder aluminum wire
Next, you need to dip the wire in oil and rub with emery paper.
remove the oxide film
Then we try to tin the wire right at the bottom of the can. If it worked, then everything was done correctly. If not, we work with sandpaper again.
 tinned aluminum wire
The same wire is perfectly soldered to an aluminum jar.
We solder aluminum
We solder aluminum with our own hands
You can use a gun instead of machine oil .If the aluminum part is large, you may need to warm it up more. For example, on the hotplate.

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