Why are palms scratched?

Perebasova Evgenia
Perebasova Evgenia
August 14, 2012
Why are palms scratched?

In this article, we turn to the national signs and find out: what the left hand and the right palm itches for.

  1. In deciphering this signs we will rely on two different opinions. One thing tells us that palms are itchy for financial transactions with money. In this case, the right hand itches to get money, profit. And the left is itching to parting with them, you may have to return the debt ahead of time, or lend money to friends.
  2. What is it about the right palm, according to the second opinion? Itching right palm promises you a meeting, that is, you will greet a friend who has not been seen for a long time, and the left - to receive money.

However, if the salary does not move, and there is no more money to get from, and there is no one to say hello to, then maybe you are allergic to a new cream?

Now you know what the palms are itching for, however, it happens so that different people have the right and left palms that itch, so to say, “the other way around”, notice what will happen after the itch, and next time you will know exactly what awaits you .

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