What color is a square on the tube of your toothpaste?

Perhaps some of you have already heard it, and maybe not, but there is such a version of the origin of the colored “squares” or marks on tubes with toothpaste, cream, etc .:“It turns out that toothpaste can be chosen in a store not by brand, but by its natural purity!

Note that each tube of toothpaste has a square or rectangular symbol at the bottom. It can be of different colors.

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If a squaregreenit means that your paste consists entirely of natural substances.

If heblue, then there are natural remedies and medical substances.

If heredIt means that, in addition to natural ingredients, some dangerous chemicals are included in the toothpaste.

But if the colorthe blackit means that the paste is COMPLETELY composed of chemicals, and there is nothing natural in it at all!

Manufacturers have been using this labeling for a very, very long time, but most consumers, of course, do not know what this all means. Only a few people are "aware" of this information.»

Most likely this version appeared after the plot on TV:

In fact, the statements above are just a myth. Although agree that it would be convenient to do this labeling on products :), even though the terms natural, medicinal, chemical are too vague to be useful.

It's all about the printing production of the tubes themselves. In the manufacture of tubes, light sensors on equipment need tags to read them. So that the machine can correctly determine where it is necessary to cut or solder the tube. Different colors only mean different types of sensors or different types of packaging.
The best way to find out the composition of the toothpaste is to examine the information on the ingredients printed on the tube itself or on the packaging box.

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