What is interesting you can give the driver?

Drivers can be attributed to a separate category of people. For some of them, the car is the most loyal friend, and the road is the home. And gifts for such people should be special. And what can you give a motorist?

When is Driver Day celebrated?

When celebrate the most important holiday of all motorists - Driver's Day? In general, this celebration is dedicated not so much to all drivers and those who drive, as to those whose profession is connected with transport. But that was before, and today it is customary to congratulate not only professional drivers, but also those who spend a lot of time driving.

Since 1980 in the USSR, according to the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council, Motorist Day is celebrated on every last Sunday of October. Then another decree was issued by the president of the Russian Federation in 1996, but he did not touch the date in any way.

And in 2000, another holiday was also introduced - Day of Road Workers, whose celebration falls on the third Sunday in October every year.In Ukraine, the holiday has a different name (Day of the motorist and the road builder), but it is celebrated at the same time.

How to make a choice?

To make the gift pleasant and useful, when choosing, pay attention to several important points:

  1. Paul driver. If a man will be pleased to get something purely masculine (for example, tools), then a woman is better presented with a sweeter and more personalized gift.
  2. Driving experience. A beginner can donate a device that will help in every way along the way. But an experienced motorist, who probably most of the common devices already exist, should be presented with something modern and high-tech or designed to increase comfort in the car.
  3. Profession. If the hero of the occasion works as a driver, then comfort and safety should be in the first place for him, so you need to give devices that provide all this.
  4. Age. The young driver will definitely appreciate some bright, original and funny surprise, but for an elderly motorist with experience it is better to present something more worthwhile and serious.

What to give?

What to give to the driver for the holiday? Gifts are the most diverse, and for convenience it is better to divide them into several groups.

Useful gifts

There are a lot of useful gifts for motorists today. Here are some of them:

  • Heated seats will come in handy if the driver spends a lot of time in the car in winter.
  • Driver points. They will protect not only from sunlight, but also from the blinding light of headlights of oncoming cars.
  • Thermos. He will allow the motorist to enjoy a hot drink. And it is better to give a set of thermoses so that the motorist can enjoy more and hot food taken from home.
  • Thermomug. It works from the cigarette lighter and allows you to enjoy hot drinks at any time of the year. Very useful item.
  • Instead of a thermomug, you can donate a car kettle that will allow you to treat hot coffee or tea and passengers.
  • Organizer - a device for storing things that will help keep the car interior in order. Some models are placed in the glove compartment, others are placed in the trunk, and others are attached to the front seats (this is very convenient for young parents).
  • Universal charger.Such a device will help charge any mobile phone and other gadgets directly in the car.
  • Navigator. Such a gadget will certainly need a novice driver, taxi driver, courier or motorist who often travels on unfamiliar routes.
  • Car vacuum cleaner is necessary for anyone who wants to keep the interior of his “iron horse” clean.
  • Minisink will save a lot of money, because with such a device will no longer have to contact the car wash.
  • DVR will help to prove their case in any disputable situation, for example, in case of an accident.
  • Parkctornik. If the driver drives a car not long ago and has not yet managed to learn to park carefully and quickly, then this device will have to be very helpful.
  • Compressor. This device is one of the most useful and necessary. Some models have a whole range of functions, for example, such as checking the pressure level, assessing the state of the generator and the battery, as well as the automatic shutdown function after reaching the optimum pressure. In addition, adapters for bicycles, mattresses, and other items that require pumping may be included.
  • Car refrigerator.It is simply indispensable in the heat, when you so want to quench your thirst with something cool.
  • The holder for devices will be useful for the motorist using all sorts of gadgets.
  • Accessory "Anti" will not fall asleep driver-truck driver.
  • Auto blanket - a device that allows you to protect the engine from freezing, which is especially important in winter.
  • The key fob-defrosting locks will solve the problem of their freezing and jamming.
  • A set of automotive tools.
  • Certificate for passing extreme driving courses. They will help you gain experience and learn to respond quickly and act in difficult situations.
  • Breathalyzer will have the way after the holiday.
  • Keychain with a flashlight.
  • A set of motorist. It includes a first-aid kit, an emergency sign, a towing cable, a fire extinguisher and other useful and necessary things.

Gifts for body and soul

You can give something that will provide comfort and relax:

  • Pillow "anti-stress" under the head will help relieve tension.
  • Ionizer will make the air clean.
  • Modern tape recorder will delight music lovers.
  • You can give a set of air fresheners.
  • Nozzle on the steering wheel.

Creative gifts

Some ideas for those who want to present something original:

  • A real car sign with a creative inscription. The owner of a private house can hang it on the fence.
  • Medal or diploma "The best driver", "For peace of mind on the road", "The most careful motorist" and so on.
  • Talking rod employee traffic police. An interesting and fun thing.
  • Cool stickers on the glass with creative drawings or inscriptions, such as "Kettle behind the wheel," "Respect me," "Keep distance, I'm married (married)", "Do not bibikai" and so on.
  • Car communicator is mounted on the rear window and shows the emotions of the driver with the help of emoticons that appear on the panel.
  • T-shirt or sweatshirt with a cheerful inscription.
  • The statuette on the panel. You can order such a thing by providing a photo of the motorist.
  • Umbrella in the form of a rod.
  • Clock in the form of a wheel, steering wheel or speedometer.
  • Massage nozzle on the seat.
  • Computer mouse in the form of a car.
  • Toy machine on the radio.

Gifts for avtoledi

Several options for gifts for avtoledi:

  • Car cilia on the headlights.
  • Stickers on the glass, hood or doors.
  • Cover on the steering wheel with flowers.
  • Soft toy for cars.
  • Bright seat covers.

Homemade gifts

Father, mother, brother or spouse can be presented with a gift made by hand:

  • Cake or dish in the form of a car.
  • Embroidered or personally decorated seat covers.
  • Self-made pillow.

Let the gift be pleasant, useful and desirable!

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