What is a fungus?

Ekaterina Ermolaeva
Ekaterina Ermolaeva
December 19, 2014
What is a fungus?

The meaning of the word fungus is unusually diverse. This is not only a short name for an edible mushroom. What is a fungus and what other meanings does this word have?

The fungus is:

  1. An independent microorganism belonging to the kingdom of fungi.
  2. A small umbrella or mushroom-shaped structure installed on public beaches to prevent sunburn and overheating.
  3. In the old days, a special device for darning socks or stockings was so called, which was threaded into the product and facilitated the work.
  4. The causative agent of fermentation. It is rather not scientific, but a philistine name for those organisms that are involved in fermentation.
  5. Skin disease caused by increased growth, reproduction and development of so-called yeast fungi on its integument. Infection caused by these fungi can develop in certain areas of the body, or occupy randomly large areas. It can also appear solely on the toenails.

How to treat foot nail fungus? This question is being asked by many modern people. Especially those who, for some reason, wears uncomfortable shoes, shoes made of synthetic materials, easily soaked through and at the same time poorly dried. All these factors affect the appearance and reproduction of the fungus. You can also accidentally pick it up, walking barefoot in a public soul (in a pool, for example).

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