What is sex?

Yana Lisitsina
Yana Lisitsina
May 14, 2015
What is sex?

This concept can be used in three similar, but still different values. Read more about what sex is and in what phrases this word can be used.

  • In the first case, mentioning sex, talking about sexual intimacy between people. For example: “He is fine by the intimate part”, “We had sex”, “She hinted at sex”. By the way, there is also the expression “intimate zones” - this is the name of the human genital organs, as well as the surrounding parts of the body (for example, the crotch is the intimate zone).
  • In the second case, this refers to an atmosphere that disposes of revelations (“heart-to-heart talk”), sincere communication, and emotional convergence of people. It is usually assumed that this is a small room with a muffled light, where people are very comfortable to be, where nothing distracts from the conversation. For example, one can say: “The atmosphere in the room was very intimate - candles were burning around, creating a pleasant twilight, there were cozy soft sofas and armchairs, soft music played quietly”.
  • Finally, in the adjective (“intimate”) format, the word is used to denote something very personal, some kind of information that a person does not want to disclose to other people. For example, it may be details of a romantic, love relationship or some particular health condition that it is indecent to advertise. So, you can say: "Sorry, but this is a very intimate question, I do not want to talk about it."

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