What is the deepest sea in the world

Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, on the shores of New Guinea and Australia, is the deepest sea on the planet - Coral. If we talk about the maximum depth in figures, then according to exact calculations it is 9174 meters, with a total area of ​​4068 meters and an average water volume of 11,470 meters. Coral Sea is called, as it is dominated by settlements of coral islands and reefs.
It is in this unique sea that the longest coral reef in the world is almost two thousand kilometers long and two kilometers wide. From the side, the reef resembles a fortress wall, which was submerged in water. It includes a huge number of different islands assembled into one. At the same time, this natural structure is a home for marine life and living organisms.
In the Coral Sea, you can find starfish and hedgehogs, sea turtles, exotic fish, and a variety of sea worms.Algae and small underwater plants are located at the bottom of this beautiful sea, most of which have not yet been studied, and large crabs often emerge from under the reefs, waving their massive claws.
At first glance, some corals may seem completely safe, divers who dive into the Coral Sea, often neglect safety rules and try to remove limestone. Sometimes such carelessness turns into tragedy. So, for example, Fire Coral at the ends of its base it has flat and thin plates, which, in contact with the human body, leave burns. These plates help the coral to defend itself and at the same time attack the victim. Plastinoid needles work on the principle of a harpoon, they are completely invisible and contain inside the capsule in the form of an elastic thread, on which a huge number of spikes are directed in the opposite direction.
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The coral sea, like many other seas, has its own resort areas, where many tourists from different countries annually gather.Tourists usually remain delighted with these picturesque places with exotic corals. The warm sea with clean sand and fresh air invites tourists to relax and have fun. The water temperature in this sea has an average of 22-25 ° C, in the cold season it does not fall below 19 ° C, and in the hot summer period it can rise even to 28.

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