What is the material for abacus hats called?

The fabric of thin threads of abaca, natural fiber of the leaves of a banana palm, is called cinema. Production is in the Philippines and Ecuador. During the day, one person on a manual loom can weave about 1 meter.


Hat shinama can be of different weaving density 17 * 17 or 25 * 17, 28 * 28, 35 * 40, 40 * 45, which means the number of threads arranged horizontally and vertically one inch (2.54 cm). The denser, the more beautiful and expensive canvas. The width of the canvas is standard, 90 centimeters. The material is already treated with a special impregnation at the factory and tough enough to keep the shape of the cap.

Sinamay produce a variety of: color from ivory to black, with a printed pattern, with embroidery; netting, with knots, with lurex.

And also there is a cinema with silk, which is used in wedding and evening accessories. This canvas has a beautiful luster and even greater hardness.

Why abacus? It is three times stronger than any other fabric, like cotton or silk.A 100% abaca fiber will live for at least one century.

Cinema caps have undeniable advantages: eco style is a natural material and excellent protection from the sun's rays.

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