Rose Gold High Heels

1. Kate Spade’s Ilona Sandals

Kate Spade knows how to pamper us right. For the holiday season, Kate Spade created a pair of ultra glittery rose gold sandals that also comes in silver, adorned with a furry embellishment on the front, and a chunky heel on the back. If you have a glamorous Hollywood-like party planned for New Year’s Eve, these rose gold shoes might be just your outfit’s icing on the cake! You can get them at .

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Kate Spade Rose Gold Sandals

2. Flower Power

Statuesque and polished, Sophia Webster’s rose gold sandals, named Lilico, feature an artistic 3D floral appliqué, and a 4.3″ heel, which makes them pretty comfortable, too. Equally glamorous as Kate Spade’s rose gold heels, these sandals will look just perfect at any spring/summer formal ceremony, too. You can find them at !

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Sophia Webster Rose Gold Sandals

3. Go-To, Tan-Go

Of course, Valentino had to come up within their own interpretation of the rose gold trend, too. This pair of Tan-go metallic rose gold leather pumps is nothing but standard Valentino, and its rose gold metallic finish and slender ankles will specifically appeal to those, who love a good pair of day-to-night bon ton shoes. Feminine and wearable on a daily basis, you can find them on .

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Valentino Rose Gold Heels

4. Sophia Webster Has a Saturday Night Fever

With her first pair of rose gold heels being all shiny and glittery, her second one couldn’t be any less so. Sophia Webster’s heavily Seventies-inspired Raye sandals are crafted from fine leather and are also adorned with iridescent crystals on the 3D bow and towering heel. These are not for the faint of heart for sure, and will very likely grab everyone’s attention. Webster’s Raye sandals are available for purchase at .

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Sophia Webster Rose Gold Sandals

5. Wang’s Detailing

While at first glance this pair of Alexander Wang Tia Stiletto heels appears to be pretty simple, if we look at it closer and more carefully, we may quickly find out it is actually minimalist yet high fashion. Crafted from delicate rose gold leather, Wang’s Tia Stiletto features a tiny cut-out detailing on the heels, and its slip-on design, along with the pointed toe, makes it perfect from day to night. You can get it at !

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Alexander Wang Rose Gold Heels

Rose Gold Flat Shoes

6. Inception Trend

Oxford shoes are all the rage at the moment, just like rose gold shoes, and they will keep on walking a similar high fashion path for the months to come, too. So, why not combine a trend with another one? Ted Baker’s Anoihe Oxford shoes combine a distinctive brogue lace-up style with a delicate rose gold color, accentuated by a slightly shimmer upper. It is both cute and elegant, and is available online only at .

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Ted Baker Rose Gold Oxford Shoes

7. Dance, Ballerina!

Kate Spade also has a tender heart, filled with cute figures and flirty bows. These Emma rose gold ballerina flats featuring refined leather just prove it, while at the same time treating us to something simple yet not conventionally casual. Available for purchase at , they will just add the needed amount of glamour to your daily urban outfit!

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Kate Spade Rose Gold Ballerina Flats

8. Woven Slip-Ons

For the holiday season, Marco de Vincenzo’s shoe game went significantly strong on the haute couture side, especially with the sandals and slip-ons. This pair of woven flats is made of the finest leather in Italy, and is also fastened with a très chic slender ankle strap, which highlights the legs especially if you are wearing a short or a midi skirt. These rose gold shoes are perfect alternatives, if you are not in the mood for a pair of high heels! You can get them at .

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Marco de Vincenzo Rose Gold Flats

9. Topshop’s Top

Keeping up with the dream array of rose gold flat shoes, we couldn’t, of course, refrain from including a good pair of Topshop ballerina flats. Made of textile fabrics, this pair of rose gold flats features a cute floral patterned laser-cut detailing that makes it just perfect with any pair of skinny jeans. Find them in Topshop’s brick-and-mortar stores or at .

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Topshop Rose Gold Flats

10. Kate Spade Goes Boho

Here we are with Kate Spade’s third side, namely the hippiest one. Spade’s Clorinda leather flat sandals are the perfect type of shoes for those who are actually not that into rose gold, yet are really willing to try them out and wear them with a casual/boho-chic outfit. Subtle, if not almost imperceptible, these Clorinda sandals will look good with almost anything, and are also a good fashion investment for the spring and summer seasons to come. Get them at !

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Kate Spade Rose Gold Flat Sandals

Rose Gold Sneakers

11. Sporty Chic

Here we are with rose gold sneakers, a.k.a. the type of shoes that can be luxurious and street style at the same time. When it comes to Michael Kors, things couldn’t, of course, be anything but high street, as proven by this pair of Craig Velcro Cupsole trainers in rose gold. Made of lavish metallic faux leather uppers and a contrasting white rubber cupsole, these trainers are fastened with three Velcro secured tabs and we bet will specifically appeal to those, who love high street wear outfits. You can find them at .

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Michael Kors Rose Gold Sneakers

12. Super Woman

Superga, a master when it comes to sneakers, dedicated its notorious Cotmetu trainers to the rose gold trend, here refined with a cotton upper and a natural rubber sole. Simple, yet one-of-a-kind, this pair of rose gold shoes is perfect for all the wonder women out there! Get it at !

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Superga Rose Gold Sneakers

13. Glittery Sneakers, Bubbly Sneakers

Kate Spade often tries her hand at creating sneakers, which somehow look like transpositions of high heels. As far as the Ilona Sandals go, this pair of shoes also matches fun glitters with feminine bows, treating us to the perfect combination of styles. You can find it at .

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Keds Rose Gold Sneakers

14. Fiercely Rose Gold

Puma has been revamping its style ever since Rihanna joined its team, and such a restyling is particularly visible within the shoe line. Puma’s ‘Fierce Metallic’ high-top sneakers are just another example of how grandiosely Puma is doing the whole ‘luxurious sneaker’ thing. Of course, these ones were made in collaboration with Rihanna’s Fenty label! You can shop them at .

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Puma Rose Gold Sneakers

15. Translucent Power

Missguided strikes again! And this time around it comes up with a pair of super translucent rose gold trainers, which not only is super comfortable and covetable, but also affordable! These will look perfect whether you are going for a casual outfit, or a contrasting street-style-meets-bon-ton look, as they manage to look both cute and sporty at the same time. These are available in silver too. Find them at !

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Missguided Rose Gold Sneakers

Photos courtesy of , Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom

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Raf Simons x Adidas Fall 2019 Sneakers

Raf Simons is a well known Belgian designer who got his start in furniture design, then took his gift for beautiful lines and entrancing design to fashion. He started his own menswear label in 1995 in Belgium, but was just recently named the Chief Creative Director of Calvin Klein. His ongoing work with Germany’s Adidas is not turning out a slight reworking of the classic design, but an overhaul with a great sleek look. The entire unveiling of theRaf Simons x Adidas fall 2019 collaborative collectionis intriguing.

Raf Simons x Adidas Fall 2019 Sneakers

The Adidas Stan Smith Comfort is my favorite, a new introduction with a perforated ‘R’ on the outer side and three Velcro traps reaching across as a closure rather than the traditional shoelaces, my favorite color combinations being the white and silver and the black and white. Overall the color options for the Stan Smith Comfort feature beautiful pairings of shades that are both subtle and understated while remaining eye catching.

Some of the color options include brown, cream, tan, white and purple, another cyan, black and white, a grey and black as well as the classic black and white and a white with silver that is to die for. All of the Raf Simons x Adidas shoes feature the Adidas brand and the name Raf Simons stamped into the back outer portion of the shoe.

Next on the list is the redesigned ‘classic’ basketball shoe in new hues that comes in both a high and low top option. The Raf Simons Spirit Matrix – high top and low top will come in black, purple, red and white. Of these my favorite is the Purple low top Raf Simons Spirit Matrix. The colors are richly dyed in and definitely make a statement. Raf Simons himself wore a pair of the Spirit Matrix low at this spring 2019 show when he took his bow in Florence.

The style of the Matrix has been a good standard since it is a renewal of the Spirit basketball shoe since its initial appearance in 1984, which has been popular even up until now. While that longevity is not to be sneered at, the updated version is just as amazing and I can see it lasting well on its own. Again rich deep colors are as much the star as the functionality of the shoes themselves, the cotton canvas a bright declaration of style, comfort and taste.

The Raf Simons x Adidas Stan Smith comes in with a great update of color as well, including a rich glossy red and a deeply pigmented black with a tan sole. The easily recognizable perforated R signature logo is in attendance on the side, while the new graphic soles are just as much a part of the update as the new colors in the leather.

Check these out and grab a pair for yourself at , just to make certain that this fall your footwear can keep up with your look. Many people, myself included, are happy to build a look around a shoe – any of these sneakers could be the foundation for a great look for you.

Photos courtesy of Adidas

Eleonora Carisi for Superga Estreme Sneakers 2019 Collection

It Girl Eleonora Carisi is always on the front line when it comes to encouraging us to embrace new styles and try new trends, and this time around she is sharing with us a thrilling, one-of-a-kind collaboration indeed. The Italian fashion blogger has teamed up with Superga, the famous Italian footwear label that is always busy reinventing itself without ever failing to keep its signature lines alive, always surprising us with modern new collections. Carisi, a longtime Superga aficionado, has been appointed as the label’s new brand ambassador, and we can finally see her sporting some of Superga’s newest, glittery party-approved sneakers in theSuperga Estreme summer 2019 campaign. The elegant, modern and sleek designs are already available for purchase at

Eleonora Carisi for Superga Estreme Sneakers 2019 Collection

With her appearance in this campaign Eleonora proves that can look astounding at any party while wearing a pair of casual-chic sneakers too. For those who have been wearing Superga sneakers since a very young age, knowing that a few pairs of their favorite sneakers have been purposely created for nighttime occasions must be a new reason to update their personal footwear collections, also due to the fact that Supergas are always undeniably cozy and foot-friendly.

Carisi herself has some emotional memories regarding Superga, and she took the time to share them with us . “Superga represents to me the past, with memories of days spent in Turin with my family, when my mom tied my little red shoes; the present of the woman I’ve become,” she writes.

As for the party proposals for summer, Superga opted for spicing things up with glittering metallic finishes and sequins, combined either with a black or a white solid-colored upper part. Made in either gold or silver, the sparkling leather creates an unconventional contrast with the clean and minimalist lines of the sneakers, which get usually embellished with either pastel colors or delicate patterns. This new technique kind of amps up the modern appeal of the designs, while also adding the right dose of glamour and elegance to the sporty shoes.

Eleonora Carisi for Superga Estreme Sneakers 2019 Collection

Just like Carisi’s looks greatly vary in styles throughout the campaign, the Superga Extreme capsule collection is diverse enough to let you wear your favorite sneakers with a casual outfit or a more Nineties-inspired look during the daytime, and at nighttime, finishing off a total-black ensemble that enhances the curves and accentuates strong personalities. Carisi is then seen wearing a total-white look, composed of a refined kimono jacket and a pair of cropped bell-bottom pants with contrasting black hems, as well as a black romper with a white polo underneath that will very likely appeal to many of you.

No wonder, this collection will let many people better embrace their personal style, especially if they often favor cozy, yet whimsical sneakers over a pair of wedges or stilettos when it comes to party dressing.

Eleonora Carisi for Superga Estreme Sneakers 2019 Collection

Photos courtesy of Superga

Kanye West's New Yeezy Boost 350 Tan Sneakers

We all remember when, less than a year ago, Kanye West was about to present his very first pair of Yeezy sneakers. Nobody would have ever expected such a huge success, and now everybody starts wondering what’s coming next from West’s mind. What we now know for sure is, however, that his latest pair of Yeezy sneakers, which was presented on December 19th, wasn’t the last one. Scheduled to drop globally today, on December 29th, the newKanye West Yeezy Boost 350 sneakersget ‘tanned’, making the Yeezy craze start all over again before the calendar changes over.

Kanye West's New Yeezy Boost 350 Tan Sneakers

Knowing that whenever a new hard-to-find pair of Yeezy sneakers comes out everybody starts panicking, Adidas briefly opened its Confirmed App on Tuesday 22nd, allowing its costumers to exclusively pre-order a pair of Yeezy sneakers in Los Angeles, Chicago or New York. Although closing only in under 10 minutes, with its handful of minutes the App made it possible for many enthusiasts to book their beloved pair of Yeezy Boost 350 sneakers in Oxford tan.

Besides being the fourth colorway of the 350 sneakers to be released this year, the Yeezy Boost 350 in Oxford tan already is a must-have part of the Yeezy family, which on the whole (or should we rather sayat the moment?) includes three exclusive silhouettes that ride the wave of the athleisure trend. Like the Yeezy Boost 350 in black beforehand, this pair also comes in half sizes, meaning that it should be more comfortable and helpful for women to find their ideal sizes too (since all of Yeezy shoes come in men’s sizing). Sitting on a matching Boost sole unite, the Oxford Tan upper shoe seems to celebrate Kanye West’s success in the fashion industry.

It has indeed been the year of Kim Kardashian’s beloved husband, whose latest 365 days have so far met career accomplishments and personal milestones, as well as a new addition to his (human) family.

Already spotted at Corey Gamble and of course Kendall Jenner’s feet, the Yeezy Boost 350 sneakers in Oxford tan retail for 0 and, besides the Adidas Confirmed app and the many Adidas stores, can be found at other selected stores, such as Foot Locker and Footaction. Just remember to be quick and, in case everything sells out ahead of schedule, arm yourself with patience and money: all of Jeezy’s pairs of sneakers are usually spotted on e-bay for thousands of dollars!

Photo courtesy of Adidas

Farfetch MYSWEAR Bespoke Sneakers Fashionisers

If suede, fringe and bohemian designs were the main trending fashions back in the Seventies, and the Eighties were all about eclecticism and bright and bold colors, the modern fashioniser looks to vintage stores and custom designs to create cool and unique looks that emphasize her personality and great fashion sense. From world-famous fashion designers and houses to giant fashion retailers, the most inspiring and coolest style providers enthusiastically support the idea of creating bespoke pieces, since after all this is the best way of catering to the style demands of even the most capricious fashionistas. Farfetch is such an open-minded and cool fashion retailer that has just launched an uber-exciting , which is about designing your dream sneakers/trainers and directly purchasing them from the website. Select your favorite shoe style, play with an array of colors, finishes, shoelaces and details and don’t forget totattooyour name initials on the tongue of your own bespoke sneakers prior to purchasing them!

Farfetch MYSWEAR Bespoke Sneakers Fashionisers

What makes Farfetch’s MYSWEAR service so exciting is that it offers 10 shoe styles for men and 10 for women to choose from, while the materials (ranging from crocodile and python to suede and hairy calf) used are luxurious and high-quality giving a couture-like touch to your sneakers, which are handcrafted by expert Portuguese artisans with love. Due to the special 3D modelling technology, you have the privilege to scrutinize your own creation from each angle prior to selecting your size and purchasing it.

Founded back in 2008, Farfetch is your one-stop shopping destination, if you are a fashion-forward and creative person, who likes to be among the first to wear the latest runway trends spiced up with personality and attitude. The retailer showcases more than 1000 labels trying to target women with different cultural backgrounds, interests and styles.

The SWEAR footwear brand, launched by Farfetch’s founder and Portuguese entrepreneur José Neves in 2001, has always stood out with its unique and rebellious shoes that skillfully blend playful color combinations with exceptional silhouettes, thus winning a big musical following and being the dream of many fashion enthusiasts. MYSWEAR shows the brand’s desire to appeal to bigger masses being the world’s first ever manufacturer of customizable luxury sneakers that reveal a lot about the wearer’s unique perception of style and exquisite taste.

Farfetch’s MYSWEAR service has already managed to attract the attention of the most fashion-forward bloggers, supermodels and It girls in the world, as from Miroslava Duma and Barbara Palvin to Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine and Sky Ferreira, everyone has already managed to customize their dream luxury sneakers. We at Fashionisers have also tried to create our own bespoke MYSWEAR shoes, giving our preference to the navy blue crocodile finish and combining it with the beige-color hairy calf to create a soft contrast and a lovely texture. My personal favorite is the ‘Vyner’ sneaker style that looks exceptionally luxurious and cool when featuring the crocodile material that creates a nice juxtaposition with the sporty and simple white sole.

While you are welcome to purchase my own MYSWEAR sneaker design or those created by the A-list fashion bloggers and celebrities, you can put your creativity to the test, heading to the and trying to design your own bespoke luxury sneakers!

Farfetch MYSWEAR Custimizable Sneakers

Photos courtesy of Farfetch

Stylish Ways to Pull Off the Skirts and Sneakers Trend

To be a woman is difficult, particularly when fashion demands the sacrifice of your comfort and requires you to soak your aching feet in therapeutic hot baths every night. Those heels may have you looking leggy and sexy, building up your confidence as they add to your height, but there’s nothing better than putting on those sneakers and literally sneaking out of the house in something that will let you run around the city without hassle. It’s a good thingmidi and maxi skirts with sneakersare in style once again, giving you a trendy but non-painful option when going out this evening (and throughout the season). We often wear those sneakers with jeans, but it’s about time they were made to work with skirts as well. After all, men have had their share of trendy fun with sneakers under suits!

Stylish Ways to Pull Off the Skirts and Sneakers Trend

Secretaries of the 1980s might pop into mind but some of you are too young to remember those days so it would be hard to find the look … demeaning? Not quite sure how you would describe a trend that brings backward fashion to mind, particularly one that reminds us of labour costumes from 30 years ago, at least. However, the varying styles of running shoes these days can make one look incredibly stylish, cool and fashion-forward in mindset.

We’ve picked 10 of our favorite styles for your viewing pleasure. Which would you choose?

1. Forget the maxis and midis, this mini skirt is rocking it with the pink sneakers, tucked in white shirt and stylish overcoat. A little black back with a beautiful design is all that’s needed to complete the look. Where otherwise the style would have been boardroom perfect (with the skirt a few inches longer of course), those sneakers give it character and the fall chill no longer feels so cold against out skin. It’s a pretty look and we pretty much love it.

Stylish Ways of Wearing Skirts with Sneakers

2. Nothing casual elegance quite like printed sneakers and when that’s paired with an outfit consisting of a black midi skirt and plain black slightly looser fitting top, it works like a charm. You are a woman in a hurry but you don’t want to hit the streets looking less than elegant, which makes this look the perfect fit for you. Don’t forget to add the larger clutch, watch to tell the time and glasses to complete the look either!

Stylish Ways of Wearing Skirts with Sneakers

3. A fitted midi skirt goes great with the oversized knit cowl-neck sweater in beige. The navy denim sneakers are perfect with the look, added a pit of pizazz to the otherwise fashionable but safe look. The leather and chain little cross-body bag adds its own charm to the outfit as a whole and we have ourselves a winner in the realm of fashion.

Stylish Ways of Wearing Skirts with Sneakers

4. We are simply in love. There’s no other way to describe the beating heart in our chest when we look at this outfit. Chic, trendy and utterly desirable is what it is. Midi skirt that ends over the knees is sexy beyond belief in itself, while the knee-length overcoat is lovely, soft and looks beyond comfortable. Denim sneakers added to the mix remind us of a chameleon look. She could be carrying around a pair of heels to change into once she gets to the office, but this look alone is enough of a heartthrob.

Stylish Ways of Wearing Skirts with Sneakers

5. Well, if we thought the last look was simply amazing, this one is absolutely perfect. A metallic leather purse matches the light gray fluffy skirt and the gray top quite nicely, while the neon colored sneakers give the elegant outfit a more casual outlook. Of course, those can once again be replaced with pumps should the moment require it, but walking down the streets with this look is good enough.

Stylish Ways of Wearing Skirts with Sneakers

6. We’ve got to have a crop top in there somewhere and the crop sweater with turtleneck combined with a rather casual looking baby pink midi skirt with a slit up to mid-thigh is lovely. The sporty look is complemented with the elegance of a white colored sneaker, giving the outfit a 5/5 rating!

Stylish Ways of Wearing Skirts with Sneakers

7. Who said you’ve got to be matching to pull of the trendy sneaker look? Going to classes or taking casual stroll down the street never looked so good as when we threw a loose-fitting warm sweater over a pretty little white skirt, added a denim jacket and black cross-body bag, and clad those feet in dark blue sneakers. It may not be what you imagined a matching set would look like, but it most certainly screams fashion and comfort all in one.

Stylish Ways of Wearing Skirts with Sneakers

8. Speaking about cropped sweaters, this all white look is impeccable and rather reminds us of a tennis match. Bared midriff and all, this look is perfect with the cropped trousers and black and white sneakers, additionally complemented with a larger gray bag. It’s sexy and sassy while with demure undertones. Interesting look to say the least!

Stylish Ways of Wearing Skirts with Sneakers

9. Those same sneakers look positively lovely when added to a starry sky combination of tight midi skirt and loose knit top, all dark gray and glittering with white stars. It’s a great casual look as we walk down the street or maybe head off for a run. The cross-body bag frees up the hands to really get that shopping done.

Stylish Ways of Wearing Skirts with Sneakers

10. The college schoolgirl look is most definitely fun and trendy, with the jock jacket, loose gray sweater, shirt black and white print mini skirt, thick black tights and denim sneakers with a white sole. Between the haircut and the accessories we see here, this outfit has been completed perfectly. It’s got a bit of sass a whole lot of class and just a pinch of pizazz.

Stylish Ways of Wearing Skirts with Sneakers

Photos courtesy of Sincerely Jules, Natalie Off Duty

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The Best Shoes To Wear With Maxi Dresses And Skirts

10 Ways of Wearing Running Shoes and Sneakers With Dresses

It’s no news that sporty shoes and sneakers are the perfect casual style footwear options, which look super-chic in combinations with jeans and denim shorts. However, the idea of matching them with more feminine pieces like skirts or dresses seems to be something absurd, since these are primary shoes meant for active lifestyle like running or doing any other type of sports, which hardly anyone can do wearing a dress. Today’s modernfashion trendsprove the opposite, showing the perfect outcomes mixing and matching various styles can lead to. Thus, wearing running shoes and sneakers with dresses is absolutely possible, since there exist various designs of skirts and dresses, including the casual options exactly which you need for combining with sporty shoes. In case your fashion fantasy still lets you down, check out these creativeways you can wear running shoe and sneakers with dressesespecially in summer!

10 Ways of Wearing Running Shoes and Sneakers With Dresses

What Sneakers to Choose To Wear With Dresses

One of the benefits of wearing sporty shoes with dresses is that they give you lots of freedom and comfort in moving, which in certain cases can add more femininity to your dress than when you wear it with high-heeled shoes and just can’t walk on them. The most important thing is to avoid some dangerous combinations, ditching dresses and skirts, which hide all the feminine curves of your body, looking ultra-unflattering with sporty shoes. Such improper combinations include matching sporty shoes with long and straight skirts, for instance. Generally, only tall and slender girls can go for long dresses when wearing sporty shoes, while short girls will look visually taller if they give preference to shorter silhouettes matched with sporty shoes that closely resemble everyday casual style footwear options and don’t look too bulky.
Saying you can wear sporty shoes with dresses doesn’t mean to wear your athletic shoes or ones designed especially for serious workouts with such pieces. Instead, go for non-standard and dressier models, such as Converse shoes, some printed and brightly colored designs that usually Nike and Vans offer, designer sneakers, slip-ons that are gaining more and more popularity in the street fashion nowadays, and so on.

10 Ways of Wearing Running Shoes and Sneakers With Dresses

What Style of Dresses To Wear With Sneakers and Running Shoes

On the other hand, it’s also important to determine the correct style of dresses and skirts you can actually wear with sporty shoes without looking ridiculous. The simplest options include dresses and skirts in the sporty and casual style, which you can also accessorize with accessories in the same style. Shorter silhouettes are more than recommended in this case, and if you pick options with flared or full skirts, the result is going to be way more stunning.
Make sure to avoid too feminine designs of dresses and skirts when wearing sneakers, especially when those combine lace, embroidery, ruffles, long and languid silhouettes. You’d better never look to Kristen Stewart for inspiration, who is perhaps the only person allowed to wear athletic shoes with evening dresses.

10 Ways of Wearing Running Shoes and Sneakers With Dresses
When matching your sporty shoes with a dress or a skirt, try to pay maximum attention to the colors and prints of those pieces you combine together, aiming to create a harmony between them. Thus, it’s best to match a printed dress with monochrome sneakers in matching colors with your dress, while for monochrome dresses some boldly colored or printed sneakers can become really great accompanying details. Keep in mind that materials matter a lot too. Thus, it’s best to opt for classic Converse sneakers or ones featuring light materials when you want to wear them with chiffon or silk casual style dresses, while colorful options on a small platform sole will look amazing in combination with denim pieces.
So from printed pieces to lovely monochrome garments, every piece will look cool with the correctly picked sneakers if styled and accessorized properly and donned with confidence! And yes, for inspiration you have a myriad of gorgeous photos from popular fashion bloggers, style icons and celebrities!

10 Ways of Wearing Running Shoes and Sneakers With Dresses

Photos courtesy of The Blonde Salad Hapatime

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20 Signs You Need To Start Your Own Fashion Blog NOW!

How to Wear Wedge Sneakers

Talking about the mega-trends of the recent seasons, there are some of them we just can’t pass by and say nothing about. One of the most significant details is thus the trend of wedge sneakers, coming as one of the most innovative and revolutionary synthesis of the classic and the sporty styles, actually giving birth to ideal pieces for the casual style! So now we will provide you with an overall insight abouthow to wear wedge sneakersand what to match them with for the most effective results.

Pants, Pants, Pants!

The very first option that goes super well with wedge sneakers is pants, especially the tight-fitting shapes, made of leather or jeans and finished off with the cuffs tucked into the shoes. Other great experiments you can go for when matching wedge sneakers with pants is picking options with prints. Still, you need to be careful with the colors, not to pick some utterly different and clashing shades together. Jeans are another ideal form of creating cool matches. This doesn’t refer to pants only. All the diversity of denim pieces may be included from tops and jackets to jumpsuits and overalls.

How to Wear Wedge Sneakers

Layered Patterns

In case you would like to get the daring look of your sneakers a bit, you may use pieces and techniques like layering. With the help of a layered top or anything else, you’ll be able to make the most counterbalanced and cool combinations ever.

Wedge Sneakers With Dresses and Skirts

Another great way of toning down the revolting philosophy of these shoes is matching them with dresses and skirts. They will counterbalance the looks and will add some volume to them. For even cuter options you may also match them with mini dresses and skirts.

Wedge Sneakers With Shorts

Shorts are the following alternative you can definitely opt for. This will again counterbalance the sneakers’ effect and will also add a curious contemporary vibe to them.


Matching sneakers with some standout tops and garments is the next great idea to try out. This can be a hot pink top or some red colored jeans to match them with a black tone or some patterns.

How to Wear Wedge Sneakers

In addition, if we are to speak about the basic styles that you can create using the wedge sneakers, we can point out the following options!

Sporty Style

Since the wedge sneakers are one of the basic pieces of the sporty style, they are really effective for such looks. Thus, the combinations with sporty skirts and dresses (like tennis skirts, for instance) will create a really cool effect. Pants and other sporty garments will also do here. You can also spice up the looks with some cool accessories, but not taking them with too exaggerated proportions. Matching them with the overall combo is what your aim should be.

The Casual Style

This is the style where there are absolutely no limitations and restrictions. You may match them with dresses, pants, shorts, tunics and even leggings. The most important thing you need to take into account is that the pieces should match each other. The same refers to the pick of the tops, too. You may also finish up your looks with lavishly but tastefully picked accessories and you can also make them catchy and accentuated in the combo. Big handbags, long necklaces, big earrings and headwear accessories will all do here.

Ways of Wearing Wedge Sneakers

What Not To Wear With Wedge Sneakers

In addition, we would also like to tell you a few things about what it’s not that preferable to match with this type of shoes.

1. Anything from the Classics

The classic style has a strict and fixed rules and know-hows about what it should be made of. So in case of looks meant for some business meetings and important event at the workplace, we would advise you to avoid the use of these pieces.

2. Maxi Skirts

This is the following thing we wouldn’t advise you to do. They don’t really match the vibe and the feel those sneakers have and the results of this combo may be not that pleasing as you probably expected. The more feminine the dress is, the more risky the combination will become. In case you do want to experiment with a type of maxi, let it be the one from themilitary style. There are instances when some really successful combinations are made according to this principle, but still, in order to avoid the possible risk, you’d better not try it all.

3. Wide-Leg Pants

Finally, the last garment we wouldn’t like you to wear your wedge sneakers with is the wide-leg pants (Learn:How to Wear Wide-Leg Pants), which are a typical piece of the classic style and demand neater and more feminine pieces.

So these were the most important and significant tips and tricks that deserve to be noted in the list of the most essential know-hows referring to wedge sneakers.

Video: How To Style With Sneakers!

What Not To Wear With Wedge Sneakers
What Not To Wear With Wedge Sneakers images

2019 year
2019 year - What Not To Wear With Wedge Sneakers pictures

What Not To Wear With Wedge Sneakers advise
What Not To Wear With Wedge Sneakers forecast photo

What Not To Wear With Wedge Sneakers photo
What Not To Wear With Wedge Sneakers photo

What Not To Wear With Wedge Sneakers What Not To Wear With Wedge Sneakers new photo
What Not To Wear With Wedge Sneakers new pictures

images What Not To Wear With Wedge Sneakers
picture What Not To Wear With Wedge Sneakers

Watch What Not To Wear With Wedge Sneakers video
Watch What Not To Wear With Wedge Sneakers video

Communication on this topic: What Not To Wear With Wedge Sneakers, what-not-to-wear-with-wedge-sneakers/
Communication on this topic: What Not To Wear With Wedge Sneakers, what-not-to-wear-with-wedge-sneakers/ , what-not-to-wear-with-wedge-sneakers/

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