What phrases can greatly humiliate a person, even to tears?

I was humiliated by my best friend, I will not forgive her for this, for this I want to take revenge when the moment comes!
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Answered 13 march 2016 00:15
Do not do this, do not stoop to this level. Just explain to her exactly how she offended you, do not carry it in yourself. The best thing you can do is forgive. If you can not, just stop making friends, but do not need revenge.
Niso Vahobova
Niso Vahobova
By reading the quotes lobster Hayama I, too, this was what I found quotes about the bully and that's it!
Answered on February 4, 2017 08:27, Butterfly |
Alina Kovalenko
Alina Kovalenko
Answered on March 22, 2016 18:23
My classmate stole a black market from me and I checked her case and found it there. Then she almost fell to the floor with shame. So she just sobbed that I wouldn’t talk to her and tell everyone that she was a thief.

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