What are the pressure pills?

Elena Minkina
Elena Minkina
July 31, 2012
What are the pressure pills?

Stress, overwork, insomnia, sudden changes in weather conditions - all of these are causes that can affect the level of a person’s blood pressure. In this case, the pressure in some people rises, while in others it decreases, until the development of syncope. Therefore, the question of which pills for pressure should be taken in this or that case is very relevant.

What pills increase blood pressure

With a decrease in blood pressure, a person begins to feel weakness, dizziness, drowsiness, headache. You can increase the pressure with the help of tablets, which include caffeine, for example, citramon, caffeine.

In addition, blood pressure can be increased by taking any tonic preparations of plant origin (tincture of Eleutherococcus, ginseng).

What pills lower blood pressure

Currently, there are a huge number of drugs that reduce blood pressure. It is possible to take them for a long time only on doctor's prescription.But if your blood pressure rarely rises, then to reduce it you can drink drugs such as Dibazol, Papazol, and Antipal. These drugs gently reduce pressure and can be taken without a prescription.

In addition, to reduce blood pressure, you can drink a couple of pills no-shpy or papaverine. These drugs relax the muscle lining of blood vessels, which leads to the expansion of the lumen of the arteries and reduce pressure.

To lower blood pressure, you can drink and diuretic drugs. It is best to use veroshpiron, because it does not remove potassium from the human body. If you drink other diuretics, such as furosemide, then at the same time you should drink two pangangin tablets or asparkam.

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