What to wear to a football match?

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
journalist, feminist and restless shopaholic

Since the FIFA World Cup 2018 has come to visit us, it is necessary to become a cheerleader if not at the call of the heart, then simply as an "effect of presence." For example, if the boyfriend bought you a pack of tickets for all matches involving the Russian national team or colleague, they persuaded to watch the most spectacular live games, not the TV with chips. By the way, if it was really about the screen on the sofa at home, we would have cost pajama pants and a stretched T-shirt. And if you're heading for a real match, remember: no heels, sable vest (well, what, summer is unpredictable!), Red lace and bright makeup. Relax, put on something comfortable and do not portray a bad version of Victoria Beckham. For this, there are wives of our footballers - they will cope!


It seems that sneakers every year are becoming more expensive. But also everything is more beautiful. Especially pastel shades - how can you not be tempted?

Nike M2K Tekno Sneakers

Nike M2K Tekno Sneakers (7 999 rub.)

Belt bag

We apologize in advance for the fact that this summer these bags will be literally everywhere. But what could be more convenient than a belt bag when you need to jump up and shout “Goal!” Heart-rending? Perhaps only the absence of any accessories, so that nothing would interfere with glee.

Spiral Belt Bag

Spiral Belt Bag (850 rubles)

High waisted jeans

Wearing leggings will give the impression that you are running straight for the match straight from the gym. But narrow and dark jeans will cope with the task better: the figure will be underlined, and the sport will not be hinted so straightforwardly.

Jeans 7 for all Mankind

Jeans 7 for all Mankind (€ 114 at a discount)


What gives the star and the true fashionista, even in the back row? That's right, cool sunglasses. Take advantage of the fact that now even in the mass market there are creative and cool models.

Le Specs glasses

Le Specs Points ($ 59)

Short jumpsuit

The English name of the overalls All In One accurately conveys why we love this thing so much: “all in one”, and at the same time nothing superfluous. No need to pick up to the bottom, bottom - to the top, but you can just put on sneakers and soon run to the game.

Zara Short Jumpsuit

Zara Short Jumpsuit (1,799 rub.)

Knitted dress

In all, ideal for hot days and for situationswhen you want to show a figure without being exposed. After all, we remember that there will be many nice foreigners at the matches!

Knitted dress Mango

Knitted Mango dress (2 999 rub.)

Satin Bomber

If we ask the Kardashian sisters, Jenner, what to wear to a sports match, one of them would definitely stop at a satin bomber jacket. Quite a California spirit, and the brazen scarlet color makes you the brightest "player in stock."

Satin Bomber H & M

H & M Satin Bomber Jacket (1 999 rub.)


Definitely a thing-anthem for all who prefer comfort to spite. If you do not have a set of sweatshirts and sweat pants in one color in your closet, you lose a lot without having such comfortable clothes for questionable summer weather.

Uniqlo Hooded Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt with hood Uniqlo (799 rub.)


The clock will be useful for you to arrive on time for the match, keep track of the game time and take cherished minutes until the end of the match, which will decide the fate of the winning team.

SL watch

Watch SL (order)

Striped top

A claim for victory for true football fans: Kenzo sewed the top in the manner of a typical football uniform, but with what feminine gesture - ruffles on the sleeves. On the eve of the games already and the size ends!

Top kenzo

Top Kenzo (14 716 rub.

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