Where in Moscow you can buy super magnets

Super magnets, or neodymium magnets, are ideal and compact latches and clamps. The effort that such a magnet develops is enough to replace a clamp or vice. If you need something to glue, place the objects to be glued between two such magnets, thereby you will provide a reliable clamp parts. You can buy super magnets in Moscow in various stores.
Visit the Magnets House store, located at the address: Moscow, Likhachevsky Pereulok, 3, bld. 9. Telephone: (495) 502-36-23. The assortment of the store includes a wide variety of super magnets: round, rectangular, ring, search, etc. All products comply with European standards. Prices for the offered goods are relatively acceptable and have a range from 10 rubles to 96-100 thousand rubles. In addition to supermagnets, you can buy activators and transducers, magnetic separators, badges magnets, magnetic tape and other goods in the store.This store has its own website on the Internet, by visiting which, you can buy super magnets without leaving home.
You can buy super magnets in Moscow by visiting another outlet located at: ul. Vozdvizhenka, 10, 3rd floor, office 342. Order can be made via the Internet, by going to the store's website. In the catalog presented on the site, you can familiarize yourself with the various magnets offered by the store. Delivery in Moscow is carried out on the day of order, its cost ranges from 200 to 400 rubles, depending on the distance.
Go to the website of the online store Megammagnet. Here you can choose the supermagnet you need from the huge variety of products presented.

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