Where slavery was prevalent

Slave foundations for a long time existed on the territory of ancient Rome and Greece. "Xi" - a concept that is essentially equivalent to slavery, was widespread in ancient China from the middle of the 2nd millennium BC. er
Often, serfdom in Russia is compared to slavery, the existence of several differences is not taken into account by the modern interpretation of the concept, therefore public relations that existed before the abolition of serfdom in 1861 can rightly be called a form of slavery.
Slavery and strengthened in Brazil and the United States. In the Ancient East, the state itself was considered the largest slave owner, which covered the position of slaves by the adopted totalitarian laws. During World War II, widespread slavery was driven by a large number of prisoners.
The economic situation of southern Iraq was fully supported by the slave labor of Africans. This situation persisted until the Zinjah Uprising, which lasted from 869 to 883.
The medieval Asian states established the slave system and made it a powerful economic engine. These included the early Ottoman Turkey, the Crimean Khanate and the Golden Horde. Over three million people were sold into slavery through the Crimean markets.
A new stage in the development of the slave system is in the era of great geographical discoveries. Europeans actively mastered Africa and found an almost inexhaustible stream of slavish "black" power. The role of the "white slaves" fell on the Irish, who were captured by the British during the conquest of Ireland.
In Spain since 1512 it was forbidden to use slave labor of Indians, this law did not apply to slaves from Africa.
More than 13 million slaves from Africa were brought to British North America. As a result, for the entire existence of the slave system, the population of Africa has decreased by 80 million people.
In modern society, slavery is prohibited. The last ban in 1980 was joined by Mauritania. However, there are countries on the world map where the ban is purely theoretical in nature or does not imply serious penalties for its violation.The worst situation is observed in Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan, Nepal, some regions of India and Angola. In these countries, still the status of a slave is inherited.

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