What clinic to contact?

Olga Reznik
Olga Reznik
April 4, 2013
What clinic to contact?

Any one of us is prone to illness. And if it happened, the question arises on which clinic to apply to. Should I go to a medical institution at the place of residence and trust a doctor who is receiving or on duty at that time? Or not worth it? Perhaps by doing this, we act recklessly?

Right to choose

If you have an insurance policy, you can contact any clinic. Do not be frivolous about your health, and therefore, the choice of clinics and doctors, too. But which clinic can I contact? Rather, what clinic is better to contact?

How to choose the clinic

Of course, it is better to contact the polyclinic, which has a good reputation. You can learn about it using the Internet. Nowadays, you can find addresses and phone numbers of various polyclinics in different cities, including toll polyclinics, on the Internet. You can find and patient reviews about a particular clinic, a particular specialist.When choosing a clinic, one should pay close attention to the assessments given to the medical institution by the professional community. These may be diplomas of the festival winners among health care institutions, or awards in the field of medicine of the Russian government. Some medical institutions may be marked with international awards or be members of the “Leading Clinics” association of one or another state (such professional recognition is the result of an international audit).

What are good proven clinics

It is clear that in such clinics high-professional medical care will be provided to patients. They will not be prescribed optional studies, which may not be innocuous, surgical intervention, if you can do without it, drugs that do not comply with the treatment protocols. By the way, in Europe, hospitals, like hotels, have long been assigned stars. The best clinics, like the best hotels, have five stars. That is, patients have the opportunity to choose the best clinics by the number of stars assigned to them.

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