Who is suitable for a haircut with a shaved temple?

At least once in life almost every girl decides to experiment with her hair. And why not, if you want to change in life? And the easiest way to start them from their appearance. Not so long ago, shaved whiskey or part of the neck was considered part of the image of young people belonging to certain subcultures. But such haircuts quickly found fans outside of them, and even Hollywood stars picked up this fashionable trend. Should you decide on such a hairstyle, tell you next.

A bit of shocking

At one time, Rihanna was recorded as an advanced woman of fashion, who demonstrated to the whole world that a girl with shaved temples can look attractive and feminine. Avril Lavigne confirmed it again. And all you need to do to ensure that your image is harmonious - to choose the right type of hair and, of course, the master. So why not follow their example?

First, let's look at who would suit such a haircut:

  1. Girls whose hair is in perfect condition. They must be beautiful and healthy. Remember that such experiments attract a large amount of attention, and therefore it is impossible to look different than ideal.
  2. This hairstyle is perfect for owners of an oval or round face.
  3. Locks should be thick. On thin hair, devoid of volume, shaved temple will look sloppy.

It is worth remembering that deciding to make such a highlight in your image, you will need to maintain extravagance and in other details - clothing, makeup, manicure.

Now let's find out what haircuts with a shaved temple can be:

Asymmetrical. It fits almost all the fair sex. In addition, it is universal. By making one side shorter, in the case of four or long hair, you can always comb them on two sides, hiding your little feature when the situation requires it. That is, your look will remain as natural as possible, but a touch of audacity and a certain zest will give you a special charm.

Chubby young ladies such changes in appearance are particularly shown, because they are able to visually make the face longer.And if you add to the usual asymmetry a few colored curls or wind them, you can create wonderful bows for various occasions.

Symmetrical.This creative is welcomed exclusively on short hair. Otherwise, it will look ridiculous. Also, teach that both shaved temples are not suitable for women with an elongated face, as they will make the oval longer.

Also in this case, it is worthwhile to think in advance about the option of styling curls in the back, disheveled hair will look sloppy. It will look great high bouffant, and even a bunch of "bare" whiskey.

The bow is also supplemented by oblique bangs, as shown in the photo.

Drawings. They are good mainly for teenagers and young girls who want to be visible. You can make them more attractive by attaching rhinestones, making henna pattern or braiding small braids from the temple.

Fashionable and unusual hairstyle with shaved temples perfectly emphasizes the attractiveness of the bending of the neck, easily transformed, and provides an opportunity to refresh the image. But in order to always look great, you need to be ready for constant campaigns to the master for correction, styling and, of course, everyone's attention.

But we are sure that none of the above will scare you, because the desire to change for a woman is an indispensable feature of her character.

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