Why dream of a white puppy?

A dreamed puppy means that in reality a person will soon acquire a new friend. However, the dream book in this case can promise just a new relationship, and betrayal, and gossip. To correctly interpret what you see, you need to remember all the details of the plot.

Modern dream book

To meet a sweet and touching homeless puppy in a dream - to a difficult moral choice. You need to either use all your noble impulses and help another person, or understand that your own peace of mind is more expensive. A puppy presented by someone is dreaming if unpleasant troubles await you.

Children's dream book

If a child dreamed of a puppy, it may mean that one of his friends is younger in age. A barking little dog heralds petty quarrels and misunderstandings. This should not be given special importance, since all issues are completely resolvable and there will be no significant disagreement between people.

Dream relationship love relationship

Fun games with a puppy dream to an unexpected pleasant surprise from a loved one.A dog bought in the market means that the partner is deceiving you and is being mean, spreading ridiculous rumors. Some people want to know why a puppy is dreaming. This indicates a meeting with a friend in need of support.

East Dream

Start a puppy in a dream - face a large number of problems that require urgent solutions in real life. They will interfere with the main work, so you will need to spend enough time to get rid of trouble.

Dream Interpretation of Meridian

A puppy can dream when a person is waiting for a meeting with an old friend or classmate. Kutyonok, who squeals, heralds possible enmity with loved ones. If you manage to calm a barking dog in a dream, then relations with family and friends will quickly improve, becoming the same.

Freund's Dream

A man who saw an adult dog with puppies in a dream can become acquainted with an interesting woman in reality. She will remind him very much of his mother, so their union will become strong. If a woman dreams of a puppy, she will meet a nice guy much younger than herself.

Esoteric dream book

Why dream of a white puppy? Most often this is a good sign, indicating the presence of a true friend. Playing kutenok in a dream - to deception.A large number of puppies that have dreamed up can mean that in real life there will be people much younger than him in the environment of this person.

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