Why dream when a cat gives birth to kittens

Interpreting a dream about how a cat gives birth is ambiguous - the meaning of a dream depends on the emotions that you experience at this time. Such a dream can prophesy bad plans in your direction or to promise the resolution of a long-standing problem. What this dream says will tell the interpretation of the dream.

Female dream book

I dreamed in a dream that the cat gave birth to kittens - you are “washed up” by the enemies. This may also mean that a rival appeared.

If a man dreamed such a dream, he is very much waiting for an influential person to support him in his affairs.

Dream Miller

You saw a cat that gave birth to kittens in a dream - be on the alert, because you can be poured a lot of gossip and create around intrigue. No need to bring evil to other people, because it can quickly go against you.

Often seen in a dreaming cat, bringing offspring, prophesies health problems of children or other relatives.

Dream Vanga

According to this interpreter, giving birth cats do not promise anything good in real life.When a person sees in a dream, like a cat has given birth to kittens - in reality you can expect additional troubles and problems. From one huge problem several small ones will appear that will become very unpleasant and dangerous. The envy of colleagues is possible, which can lead to a "wiggle" career.

Such a dream sometimes prophesies and problems of the family plan. You may be robbed or will have to join the division of property upon divorce.

Dream dream wanderer

Bringing cat litter, dreaming a girl, promises disappointment in the second half. A woman dreams of such a dream betrayal and duplicity of the beloved man who wants to use it for their own purposes.

A man watching a cat with a litter in a dream will face problems with his wife or a relative's disease. Also, such a dream foreshadows the male heir.

A dream, where the cat gives birth, spells out small troubles that will arise during the conniving behavior of the dreamer. Maybe you are worried about household chores or passionate about a passionate romance that you have forgotten about something more important in life.

A giving birth cat can promise problems of a personal plan - betraying yours or the second half, but this can be completely prevented if you show a wise attitude to life and calm.

If a cat has given birth to a dead kitten in a dream - a “white” streak awaits it in reality and it will be possible to easily cope with troubled situations.

Rejoice in a dream that a cat gives birth to kittens - to get rid of many problems in reality.

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