With the help of a rope and yarn, you can crochet an amazing little thing.

With the help of yarn you can tie a lot of interesting things. And what do you say about the connection of yarn with another material, for example, with a rope? That's right: in such a technique, you can create an amazingly durable and at the same time beautiful thing with your own hands. One example of such crafts can serve as a roomy basket for any small things.

If you have ever knitted with two threads at the same time, weaving one into the other, then for you the technique will not present much difficulty. In this workshop, instead of the second thread, a regular rope is used, since it is quite strong, which means it is well suited for creating a basket.

So, you will need:

  • a rope (in the MK, a rope of 38 m in length and 6 mm in diameter was used for a basket of 22 x 42 x 17 cm);
  • a skein of yarn (in MK - 310 cm of 100% cotton yarn);
  • hook 5 mm (better to knit metal).

Getting started:

1. First decide what size the base of the basket will be.In MK it is 22 by 42 cm. It depends on how long the chain is to be connected. Air loop (VP) 30 + 2, turn.

Place the rope along the chain to work with overlapping and gripping a few cm.

2. A bar without a crochet - RLS - (work on the rope) in the third CG from the hook. Fill in a few posts, then wrap the rope and return to the beginning of the line (i.e., get rid of duplication). Continue RLS to the ultimate VP.

Subsequent actions: 3 sc in each corner of a semi-column without a nakida (PBN). Continue until the product comes out of the desired size.

3. Go to the creation of the sides of the basket. When the base is of sufficient size, go from 3 sc to 1 sc.

4. Pens - this is optional, you can do without them. The photo shows how they were made in the MC:

After that, finish crocheting the basket. Crafts are ready!

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