World Cup 2014: the results of the twelfth game day

In group A the matches took place at a later time. Brazilians played with Cameroon, while Mexicans played with the Croats. Games were at one time. The organizers specially designed such a schedule so that the teams did not know the final result of the parallel match of the rivals.

Brazilians needed a victory, and, preferably, with a large score over the national team of Cameroon. Pentacampions have achieved this. The final result of the meeting - 4 - 1 in favor of the Brazilians. A distinctive feature of the game was the double of Neymar, who had already designed, taking into account the match, 4 goals and topped the list of top scorers in the tournament.

In the second match of the group Mexico fought with Croatia for the second ticket to the playoffs. Europeans were satisfied only with a victory to continue the fight in the tournament. However, the Mexicans scored three times in the final 15 minutes, while the Croats were able to play just one goal. 3 - 1 Mexico wins and compares with Brazil on points.However, the hosts of the championship have the best difference, that is why South Americans are ranked first in Group A, and representatives of Central America are in the playoffs from the second line of the table.

In games of group B teams of the Netherlands and Chile, and also Australia and Spain met. Matches were held simultaneously in different cities of Brazil.

In the game of the Netherlands and Chile, the teams challenged the championship in the quartet B. The Dutch won a 2�0 labor victory and won the final first place in the group, which allows them to play with the Mexicans in the 1/8 final. From the second line, Chileans are entering the playoff stage in Brazil.

Match Australia - Spain did not solve anything. Both teams after the game will go to collect the suitcases. Therefore, the match wore a purely comradely character. The Spaniards somehow needed to please their fans, which they did. A big 3�0 victory allows Europeans to take third place in Group B and expect a couple of years of another major football tournament.

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