Can't make Samsung Kies with your phone? Read here what to do!

Most Samsung mobile device owners use the Samsung Kies application to facilitate connecting their gadget to a computer and the easier process of sharing information between devices. But often it happens that the computer does not see the phone. Where to find the cause of the fault and how can I fix it?

The computer does not see the Samsung phone

If your PC does not recognize your device as a connected device, do not immediately lose heart. USB ports may be out of order - try, as an option, to connect to another computer. Update system drivers and scan your operating system for viruses.

Kies program does not see Samsung phone - what to do

If the PC recognizes the connected device, then the problem is to look in the settings of the mobile gadget or application.

Samsung Kies does not see the phone

So, the operating system recognized your device, but the Kies application persistently claims that nothing is connected.First of all, pull out the USB cable from the device and close the program. Then reattach the gadget to the PC (as an option, you can select another USB port, do not use extension cables) and try to launch the Kies application until the icon of the connected device appears.

Kies program does not see the Samsung phone - what to do

A common reason why Samsung Kies does not see the phone is in the settings of your mobile device. Go to the "Connect to PC" menu item and place a mark there on the Kies application. It is also worth choosing the option “Debug USB” in the “Connection” menu item. If again did not help, then reboot the device in case of a system failure - in many cases this was an unexpected solution to this problem.

If now Samsung Kies does not see the phone, then you need to remove and reinstall the mobile device driver. To do this, click "Start" - "Control Panel" - "Device Manager" - "Mobile Device", right-click on the entry, select "Properties" and in the window that appears, click the "Delete" button. Reboot the computer, and then install the official drivers from the manufacturer for your gadget. Then try to connect again.

Kies program does not see Samsung phone - what to do

If the method above did not produce results, and still the phone does not connect to Kies, reinstall the application itself. Maybe there were errors during installation, there was a system failure during the last session, or you just have an old version of the application. Click "Start", then "Add or Remove Programs" (this menu item in Windows 7 is called "Programs and Features"), delete the Kies application. After performing this procedure, you need to clean the registry of possible "traces". For these purposes, it is better to use the capabilities of programs that specialize in cleaning the registry (for example, CC Cleaner).

After cleaning the registry, restart the computer and install the program again. You can download the latest, most up-to-date version of the application on the official website of the manufacturer. Before starting the installation process, disable the firewall and antivirus. Do not forget that the application should be installed from under an account with administrator rights.

Also, the reason why Kies does not see the phone may be a file with an extension of incorrect length contained in the memory of the device. The device tries to read all the available files, and on such extensions there is often a software failure,which in the end leads to errors in the connection.

Remove the memory card and connect the device to the PC. If it helped, then the problem is in removable media. Otherwise, set in the settings of the device “Connect as a USB flash drive”, connect it to the PC and copy the necessary files. Then you can at any time return them back.

Kies program does not see the Samsung phone - what to do

There are many reasons why the PC does not see the Samsung phone. Try all of the above options, and only then call a specialist.

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